Written by Kathy and Brad

23 Aug 2006

So, we want to talk about first time "swinging", or lifestyle, or swapping. whatever. Call it what you like. We like to call it "partying", because that indicates everyone is having fun. That is the main idea after all! We are Brad and Kathy, and we have been married for 52 years, and sex is better than ever. Not quite as often, but really mind blowing fabulous. We started "partying" when we were 38 years old in 1970, and our last experience was 1987. The AIDS thing was probably a hampering factor, but also, we made a move to Alaska for a few years, and when we moved back most of our friends had scattered around the country, and like we said, the sex at home seemed to be about right. They do some great swinging in Alaska, by the way. We will each give you our own true stories about how we and why we got into the lifestyle.

Kathy: I was technically a virgin when we married in 1954. We met when we were sophomores in college, and like most 19 year old kids of that era we did a lot of necking and petting while parked in Brads convertible, and often the bra would come off, and occasionally he would get a finger in the twat as I got a handful of cock. That was as close as I had come to really 'doing it'. I had gone that far with two of my earlier boy friends, but I really felt I was quite chaste. Those were the days before the pull, and penises were abit scary. A girl could pregnant! We graduated in the spring of '54, and Brad went into the army. Shortly after, he proposed, and we were married. He was assigned to a very small elite unit, and one of his buddies was also married and they moved into the same housing unit that we were in, and when we had them in for supper one evening, he took Brad aside and said they defintely did not want to do any wife swapping. Well, we didn't know were that came from. They were a cute, fun couple, but Brad certainly had nothing like that in mind, and I had never heard of such a thing. Maybe that did start the juices flowing. We finished Brads army hitch, and went back to university for four more years of veterinary medicine. We promptly had our first 3 kids before graduating again, and going into a very busy practice. We were a pretty horny couple. It was common for us to have the penis in twice a day for a causal snuggle, with a full blown orgasm every other day. Brad had me coming from the 4th night of our honeymoon with a delightful oral affair, but it took me a couple years to be ready to reciprocate. I guess I was funny that way. Like I said, cocks were kind of scary. But, when I did, I was hooked. Wow, the taste, the feel, the buzz!

It was about then that an occasional card party, someone would make a comment about "wife swapping", like if a couple of couples were very good friends the towns people might think they were "wife swapping". Everyone would laugh a bit, and that would be all.

Brad was doing a lot of flying in our own plane, and one time on a trip he ran into bad weather at Des Moines, Iowa, and had to stay over night, Coming back from supper he passed an 'adult' store. He had never been in one, so he took a look. He found a magazine called 'Select'. It was all about swinging, with pictures and ads and profiles. Most of the pictures were fully clothed, with a few topless girls being the most racy. He brought it home and we looked at it together. We both thought it was a bit too much. The racyist thing I had ever done was suck his cock, or admitting that when we were having sex I would ooccasionally imagine it was the movie star William Holden that I was screwing. Brad actually looked a lot like William Holden. We had been married for 16 years, our youngest child was 8 years old, and my stretch marks were about to fade away. Our sex life was great, I was feeling like a sexy 38 year old. Maybe I should leave it like that? We discussed it for several months, and I finally said lets try it.. It could be an adventure. We sent in an ad with our profile, both very straight, and very oral, [actually, I had never had a mouthful of cum yet],no anal, no bondage or wierd stuff, and nothing to humiliate another person. We included a picture with two of my best assets fully exposed. Within two weeks we had a half dozen answers. Two, maybe three were interesting, with prim and proper photos. We returned photos and phone numbers, and decided to meet with an attractive couple about 150 miles to the west of us. They suggested meeting at a restaurant hotel about 50 miles from them that had a live band playing Fridays and Saturdays.

We set it up for Friday night, mainly, now get this, because our youngest son was in a wrestling match on Saturday in the town 75 miles away, and we could stop on the way home the next day to watch him perform. We have laughed about that over the years. Here we go to a party where I am likely going to have sex with only the second man ever, and we arrange it so we can watch our son wrestle so the weekend won't be a complete bust. Possibly type A personalities at work here!

Yes I was scared. Maybe I won't like him? Maybe I will, and Brad won't like her? What if? what if? what if? Well we had a light supper, we sat and visited,we danced. They were a fun couple, with 3 kids two years older than ours. Tehy had been married a couple years longer than us, and been "partying" for three years. My only concern was his height. I am 5ft 4in, and he was 5ft 6in, and all of my last 4 boy friends, including Brad were 6ft2in. One other glitch was that the best man at their wedding happened to be there and wanted to dance with me and her, and was quite suspicious about what was going on, especially when we checked into the hotel and asked for adjoining rooms.

Okay----so the sex was good. Not mind blowing, extra special good, just good, but it was fun, really fun, and it was an adventure. I managed a delightful orgasm when he came in my twat. He was endowed with an average cock, but my three previous exposures were considerably larger. Brad is a good 8 inches on a good day and the other two maybe 71/2 and 73/4. I didn't measure those two of course. Maybe they looked bigger than they were. On total it was a good experience, and I said yeah, I think I can do this occasionlly and continue the adventure.

Brad: When I met Kathy what I liked best was her sense of humor. That , and that she was certainly not a bashful girl. She was very pretty, and she had eye catching boobs. I have always been more of a leg man than a boob man, but she had good legs too. It was close to the end of our sophomore year when we met. I was dating another girl that I had met in my freshman year, and her folks had moved to Wisconsin, so she left after he fall term to enroll at U of W Madison. She was a bit more aggressive, and we started having sex that fall. Our manner of birth control was, screw only on the very safe days, maybe 4 days out of the month, and 69s on the 'dangerous' days. With that for history, I look back and wonder why I didn't press Kathy to move faster into sex and the oral activity. It was just that we were having so much fun doing what we were doing, and it was best to let her do what she was ready to do. That applied to swinging as well. I was probably ready to investigate the swing thing a few years earlier, but she didn't seem ready.

Kathy has described the fisrt time quite well. I would add that they were a good first couple, very thoughtful and considerate. Of course the rush one gets from sex with someone new gives a lot of zing to it all. That's why we do it isn't it? The one thing that hit me the most, and I was totally unprepared for it, was the 'after glow' that hung on for days and still persists to some degree. I felt different about everybody I saw, and everybody seemed to have a smile on their face. We met with that couple several times again.

I would like to go to the second couple. They were from a big city to the east of us, and wanted to meet us with no sex of the first occasion. They sent a picture of her, and she was stunning. We went to their house for supper, and when he opened the door, Kathy and I and He were all a bit stunned. He looked like a carbon copy of me 8 years younger, or at least a younger brother if I had one. We had a great evening getting to know them, and set up a date for the next Saturday Kathy was horny all week. Well I was too. We had a light supper at their place. They had someone take the 3 kids for the night. Kathy and He went to one bedroom, and She and I went to another. It started fairly early, and became an all night thing. She was 5ft2in, blond ,with a perfect figure. Their youngest was 3 years old and she was carrying some massive stretch marks yet, and she apologised for them. I said they only made her look more beautiful. She said "I may be cute, but I'm not beautiful". There was no question she qualified for cute so I left it there. The sex was fabulous. We started with a side by side 69, and went to a cuddly screw. We both came, then we talked and we cuddled, and then did it all over again, and then we did it all over again again, and somehow we were in a position were we both fell asleep, and when wee both awoke about 4 hours later I still had a semi hard cock in her pussy. It was about 7 o'clock, and we could hear Kathy and him stirring, and they knocked on our door and asked if we were awake. We said come on in. Kathy had one of his robes on, and I had never seen her look so radiant. That is the only word to describe her. I asked her how it went. She gave me a huge kiss, and said "It was absolutly, totally wonderful, I'm hooked". She pushed me back onto the bed, and climbed onto me and we had a passionant fuck while they watched for awhile and then joined in beside us. We became regulars with them. A month later we had them out to our place, and Kathy got her first mouthful of cum. Most of the men, me included,will try to back out before coming as a polite gesture to their partner, and when he did, she told him no, I want it in my mouth! They both got a rush out of that. She does certainly qualify as "very oral". For years she would take it in her mouth about half the time, but lately our favorite routine is to shower together, lots of kisses while massaging her back and legs, then nibling her nipples to a mini orgasm, a 69 to almost orgasm, some extended screwing, then back to a 69 until her massive orgasm, she then takes me to climax in her mouth. She tried the swallow thing a few times, but she prefers holding it in her mouth and savor it for a couple minutes, and then give me a deep tongue kiss. Of the 50some times in the last year only once, maybe twice have I come in her twat. She s just so much zingier in her mouth. I don't argue with that.