Written by s???????

24 Oct 2003

well im a asian male aged 19 in manchester , well one week 2 builders were at my house doing a extension they were very big and talkative the extension would take at least 2 weeks andi it was there 1st day on the job. my parents were away on holiday which left me on my own any way i use to do alot of exercise in my living room and one of them called peter always use to stare at me and say nice things well as the days went by one day peter started 2 ask me personal questions i got a bit awakward so he stopped for a few hours then he says in a very mumbling way 2 me have u ever been with a guy i replied and said no he replied and said you should try it i said no ( but really i always wanted 2 suck a mans dick but was very shy ) any way i walked away went upstairs 2 my bedroom started watching tv i thought about it and started to get a big hardon. so i decided to talk 2 peter about it dont know why but i did and i only knew him a couple of days as i went down i called him over and said lets go upstairs he replied and said what for with a cheeky smile i said need 2 talk his mate alan was mixing the cement he came up we started 2 talk next minute i know hes touching me i wanted to tell him 2 stop but i knew i wanted it so bad inside me and he wanted me 2. well as i got comfortable he took of his top and pants and slowly started to undo me i was so horny that i started 2 wank he started to suck me hard i sucked him for a few mns as we were sucking each other he goes to me lie on the bed i did so he got hold of my hips and hsoved his big thick cock in my tight ass i kind of screamed but he said shut up i did he was rimming it in hard i was so much in pain as he was rimming he said were do u want me to cum i didnt say anything he said well i said in my mouth well might as well try some cum , as he took his big thick cannon out i sucked it once and abig load of cum came out in my mouth as i was lying in bed i was so shocked but pleased he made me suck it again licked his dick clean and started to suck me dry he didnt stop as he was sucking i was lying in bed with my dick pointing up his ass in my face he sucked hard i started to finger his ass he groaned as i cummed to my shock he swallowed it all. as he dressed i said wait he replied and said alan must be thinking were have i got to my lips and face had cum on but iwas to fucked to move, we both decided to keep it to our selves but he fucked me everyday and stayed over twice aswell every morning when he comes he fucks me then does his work he comes 1 hour early than his mate alan and i just cant get enough. if any one would like m to fuck or suck them get in contact if your from manchester northwest on TELEPHONE12120032003@YAHOO.CO.UK