Written by Dave Thomas

22 May 2006

My wife's soon to be 49 although she doesn't llok it, she still is very attractive and loves sex,she's brilliant at oral and really enjoys me licking and sucking on her as well.

We've told each other our fantasies but i always thought she was holding back on what she really wanted;i'd said i found the idea of her having sex with a stranger a real turn on, if it was with two blokes that'd be an added bonus, she always told me that she never liked that idea and i was mad if i thought it would ever happen.

A few weeks agao we had to have some building work done on her house and she'd agreed to stay at home whilst the work was done as it was half term and she had some time off from the school where she worked.

When i got home after the first day and asked how it'd gone she said the three guys were really good, hard working and a good laugh as well( i knew they would have been flirting with her and she would have liked that).

" Don't fancy them then?" I asked.

" Don't be so stupid, thtey're all only in their late twenties!"

The next day i went off to work as usual but the men arrived just as i was leaving.

" Off to work then mate?" one of them asked and i saw him wink at the other one.

" Yes, afraid so!" i replied.

" Ah well, it's a hard life eh, still, no worry, your misssus will look after us again i'm sure" he laughed.

I drove a little way down the road then decided to go back to see what,if anything, was going on.

When i got back to the house i managed to creep around the back and look through the lounge window without any of them seeing me.

My wife had on a summer dress with a low cut front and very little else from what i could see; she was stood up with one of the men kneeling in front of her, his hands pushing her dress up highr till she was totally exposed, he then began licking her fanny and i could see she was loving it.

The second man was stood behind her, his trousers already round his ankles and he was squeezing her tits through the thin fabric, i could see her nipples were bursting with pleasure; the third man was undoing the buttons on the front of her dress, her hands were feeling his cock as he did so.

When she was naked they gog her down on all fours, one of the men kneeled down behind her and started to rub her ass, the other man was kneeling at the front of her and she took his cock into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth; not to miss out on any of the action the third man slid underneath er and started to fondle her swinging breasts, she lowered herself onto his rampant cock, at the same time, the man behind her shoved himself into her ass, she was moaniong like a whore,it was evident that the man whose cock she was sucking was about to come, he did so and she pulled slighlky back and he shot his cum all over her face.

By now she was being well and truly fucked by the two other men and she was screaming with pleasure.

When they had all finished i saw them dissapear upstairs and i can only imagine it all started off again.

When i got home i asked her if she'd had a good day, " quiet" she said!

Later that night i owned up to what i knew and she said that tomorrow i could stay and join in if i liked.

Roll on tomorrow.