Written by kinkykikky

28 May 2006

Hi folks this is a true story and what got me into swinging.

My ex bf and I met on the internet through a uk chat room on msn. He moved up from England to stay with me at my parents in Scotland, we were both addicted to the internet and used to chat to loads of people on it until one night he started chatting to a couple who stayed not that far away from where we stayed.

I was in bed just in from the pub and a bit tipsy when the couple asked if he would cam with them and of coarse he did, he was getting real excited seeing them just sitting there her in a cammy top and him no top on just from the waist up, the man from the couple was feeling her big tits and kissing her gently. My ex was getting excited so I decided to get out of bed and go over to see what was happening. I said hi to the couple on cam and then we started to chat about sex, what we liked and disliked by this time we were all horny my ex started to touch me up while we watched the couple over the cam. The couple got very excited, he slipped off her cammy top and started to lick and play with her nipples as they were doing so i got my ex's cock out and started to suck on it.

One thing led to another and my ex decided he wanted his hard cock deep inside my wet hole so i bent over so that i was side on with the cam and he pushed his hard cock deep inside me hard and fast pumping it in and out of me whilst we were enjoying our nice session the couple were at it too he had a bigger cock than my ex and was pounding her in the same position as us, it was really good to watch them when we were at it too. Eventually when everyone had cum we cleaned up and continued to chat over the net to get to know one another a bit better. We chatted several nights on the net and had fun it ended up each couple was telling the other one what to do we ended up every position and even done anal sex while the other couple watched. This went on for a couple of months and then they invited us to their home for a drink not thinking that anything would happen we went.

We were sitting having a drink just chatting as if we knew one another for years, she decided to go into the kitchen to make something to eat the kitchen was just off the livingroom and we could see her in there making some drinks up and sandwiches, the guy went into the kitchen and shouted me over as if he was going to ask me something just as i got in the doorway he grabbed me and pinned me to the door frame and started to kiss and fondle me while he was doing so i looked at her and she just smiled and said he has been wanting that all night. He got me onto the sofa and we were kissing like mad now as if we hadnt kissed anyone in a long time as the other two watched.

It got that heated he said lets go into the bedroom so we did, he stripped me off and gave me the most awesome oral sex i had ever had as we were getting down to it my ex and the woman came into the room and stripped off also in a few mins we were giving each other oral sex and then i wanted his hard cock deep inside my dripping hole, he pushed it in as far as he could go and wow it was great getting pumped as my partner at the time was having sex with another woman it was an amazing feeling. That night we had each other and swapped partners and then the guy staddles my chest and stuck his cock in my mouth and someone was licking me out which i though was my partner when I seen him sitting beside us wanking himself off as he watched me sucking this guys cock and the woman lick me out I was so turned on I came there and then juices all over her face as she lapped them up.

It was then she said to the guy there is a nice treat in the fridge i think we could be doing with it now so he got up and went throught to the kitchen and brought a big cucumber through, myslef and the other fem lay on the bed legs apart and bums nearly together as the guy got the cucumber and inserted each end into us giving us both the cucumber moving it backwards and forwards into our wet holes as we wanked the guys off they came all over us and they had shots each of moving the cucumber in and out of us it was some feeling. we had great sex that night and even went home for more when we finished as it made us real horny.

This was just the start of what we got up to with that couple, we met up on various occasions and I even had a 3 some with them when my ex went to England for a holiday.

Hope you enjoyed my true story cause I have enjoyed typing it out as I can feel myself getting a bit damp at the mo. Bye for now x x