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Career change part 1

"Zoe rediscovers job satisfaction!"

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Zoe and Adam had discussed the possibility many times, and eventually her disillusionment with working for the health service became too much and she left. In spite of all that she felt was wrong with the system it was still with a heavy heart that Zoe gave up a job that she had, for many years, loved. In her early years of training she had studied massage, and although she hadn’t practiced it for many years Zoe still felt that she would be able to provide a quality service. And so, with Adam’s help and support, she set up her own business from a converted bedroom in their home. After a few weeks their initial optimism was starting to fade as business was very slack. Then over tea one day Adam said jokingly “Why don’t you offer naked massages? That would bring the punters flooding in.” Zoe’s initial look of shock slowly turned to one of contemplation. After a brief pause she said “Why not. I’m medically trained and there’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” Now it was Adam’s turn to look shocked as he tried to explain that he wasn’t being serious. They spent the rest of the evening talking it over and eventually formulated a plan. They would give it a go on a trial basis, but with safety precautions in place. First of all Zoe would only offer “undraped” massages when Adam was home, and secondly they would install a discrete CCTV system so he could make sure she was safe. After a few redrafts the online advert was ready, with a major emphasis on the natural aspects of the massage and a prominent disclaimer that this was not a sexual massage. The following day saw Zoe nervously awaiting her first customer. As usual she carried out the initial consultation to establish what his issues were and, now, to explain the protocol for the massage. She explained that she would leave him to undress and then lie face down on the massage bench, giving him the option to cover himself with a towel if he wished. After a couple of minutes she knocked on the door and walked in to find the man lying there naked and uncovered. He was clearly very active with a well-toned body and for a moment Zoe caught herself wondering if she was doing the right thing. With a couple of deep breaths she told herself there was only one way to find out and she started applying the warmed oil to the leg nearest to her. As she worked her way up his leg she noticed his cock, which was pointing down between his legs begin to harden and swell. Doing her best to ignore the obvious signs of arousal she continued her upward movement to apply the oil liberally to his glutes. She then began to massage all the way up and down from his lower back to his feet with long sliding movements. As she worked her way to the inside of his thighs she saw his erection twitch as her fingers edged closer. However she remained good to the wording of her advert and avoided any actual contact. Watching on the CCTV monitor Adam was unable to see clearly whether or not there had been any contact. He was however content that there was no imminent risk to Zoe and began to relax a little. Once his instinct to protect appeared not to be required it slowly dawned on Adam how much he was enjoying watching his wife massage this naked man. Not only that but he was actually getting excited at thought that she might be touching him intimately. As he was digesting this revelation Zoe moved her attention to the other leg, following the same procedure as before. What Adam couldn’t tell from the monitor was that both Zoe and her client were breathing more deeply as she once more made her way to his inner thigh. The only difference this time was that she was less fastidious about avoiding contact with his swollen member, causing him to moan gently as he felt the lightest most fleeting of touches. For the briefest of moments she considered wrapping her fingers around his shaft to feel his hardness. Instead, with another deep breath, she moved her attention upwards and began to apply oil to his back and arms. Losing herself in the rhythm of the massage she managed to compose herself slightly as her fingers expertly dispersed the tension in his back. Inevitably she got the point where she would have to ask him to turn over. Through her dried out throat she just managed to utter the request. As he rolled over on to his back she avoided all eye contact as she felt herself blush. Her discomfort wasn’t helped by the sight of his erection pointing directly upwards. Trying to maintain some sort of professional detachment she started once again with his legs. As she got to the top of the first one his erection subsided just enough for his cock to brush against her forearm as her fingers gently eased over his groin area. She flinched as if burnt by the heat of his cock but carried on with the massage as if nothing had happened. The next time she got to the top of his leg the contact was definitely not accidental as Zoe ensured her arm brushed against him, eliciting another low moan which made it clear that any further attention that Zoe wanted to give him would not be unwelcome. The deliberate nature of this most recent contact was not lost on Adam. With his eyes glued to the screen his hand slipped almost absent mindedly down the front of his trousers to squeeze at his own growing erection. As he watched Zoe moved to the other leg, repeating the pattern of brushing her arm against the man’s straining cock with each sweep of her hands. The sound of her client’s voice made her jump: “Take your top off.” “What?” she exclaimed, her emotions quickly moving from shock to excitement. “Please. Let me see you topless. You can see me totally naked.” Zoe was sure there was a flaw in his logic but in her befuddled and flustered state she couldn’t work out what it was. Fighting back a sense of panic that this was going too far she pulled her vest up over her head, revealing her pert breasts to his view. As he let out a long slow breath of appreciation she tried to console herself with the fact that there were only a few minutes left until the end of the session. Feeling torn between carrying on with her planned routine and giving in to the temptation to take him in hand and stroke his hard length with her oily fingers Zoe managed to dredge up some of her professional integrity and moved up to the end of the bench above his head to finish of the session by massaging his chest and shoulders. Although she had removed herself from the temptation to move even further beyond the bounds of a standard massage Zoe was suddenly very conscious of how close her exposed breasts were to the guy’s face as she reached down over his chest. Even so it came as something of a shock when he suddenly lifted his head to kiss and lick one of her nipples. For a moment she didn’t move, allowing him to suck her nipple to a hard little bud. Then with a start she remembered that Adam was probably watching this. Snapping back to reality she pulled away and apologised. “No need. It’s me who should apologise. I just couldn’t resist the temptation.” “Should I apologise that I could?” joked Zoe, feeling slightly more relaxed as the spell had been broken right at the end of the massage. “Of course not. But I wouldn’t have objected if you hadn’t! Maybe next time you could go topless from the start.” “You want to come again?” “Of course. That was great massage. The teasing bit was just a bonus.” “Oh, right. Great. Just give me a shout when you’re ready. I’ll leave you to get dressed now.” With that Zoe walked out the room, her mind in a spin. Had she gone too far? Had she not gone far enough? What would happen if he really booked in again? What would Adam think? How much had he seen? Her mind was still in a whirl when the guy came out of the massage room, now fully dressed. Avoiding eye contact once again, Zoe showed him to the door and thanked him for his custom. She had barely turned around from closing the door when Adam grabbed her, his lips urgently finding hers. She could feel his erection pressing against her belly as he pulled her tight against him. He broke the kiss long enough to say “My turn for a massage now.” Zoe looked up at him, trying to read his mind. “You’re not mad at me?” “For what?” “You know. For going too far with my client.” “Honestly?” “Honestly.” “I was silently urging you to go further.” Zoe felt a combined sense of relief and excitement. “How much further?” “I’m really not sure. But definitely giving him a happy ending.” The widening of Zoe’s eyes and the reddening of her cheeks told Adam that her mind was working on similar wavelength. Neither of them spoke as Zoe took Adam’s hand and led him through into her massage room. With a slightly mischievous smile she nodded at the massage bench and walked out of the room. Adam needed no second invitation and stripped his clothes off in record time before lying face down on the bench. With some difficulty he got himself comfortable, his erection pressing hard against the vinyl surface. He had just managed to get it in place between his legs when Zoe came back into the room. This time she didn’t wait to be asked and pulled her top off before drizzling warm oil slowly down both of Adam’s legs. For good measure she also poured it over and between his buttocks. Fighting the urge to roll Adam over and leap onto him, Zoe began to slowly, sensually tease her way slowly up and down his legs. On each upwards pass she let her finger tips brush lightly, almost imperceptibly so, along the length of his cock and over his balls. Adam was moaning softly, wordlessly encouraging Zoe to go further. Meanwhile she decided that his legs had received enough attention and focussed her attention on his butt. Mixing hard and soft pressure on the muscles she gradually began to let her fingers trace gently down the crack in between, fleetingly teasing his anus on each pass. Eventually she left one hand stroking up and down his crack while wrapping the oily fingers of the other around his straining shaft. As she began to slowly wank him he raised his hips slightly, making it easier to maintain her rhythm. It also exposed him more to her teasing finger which was now focussed on pressing gently on his tight opening. Adam’s moaning was beginning to get louder as he started to move his hips up and down, pressing up against Zoe’s finger while she continued to stroke his full length. Soon he was on the verge of climax, his thrusting getting more and more urgent. Sensing this Zoe stopped what she was doing. This time Adam’s moan was one of complaint. “Not yet.” she said. “You wanted a massage. You’re going to get the full treatment.” With that she moved up to his back, massaging him like he was any other client. After the initial disappointment of being left on the verge of climax Adam actually relaxed into enjoying the back massage for its own sake. As his mind and body relaxed he realised just how skilled his wife was. In fact he was almost reluctant to roll over onto his back when instructed. His reluctance was somewhat mollified by the sight of Zoe in just her Lycra shorts. His viewing pleasure was increased even further as she smiled at him and started to peel them off over her hips and legs. As usual she had nothing on under the shorts and now stood there naked in front of him. “Is this your new uniform?” he asked, his semi-flaccid cock spring back to full hardness. “Maybe” she grinned. “What do you think?” “I think you’d get a lot of happy clients” he replied as she began to pour the oil onto the front of his legs. “What if today’s guy comes back?” “I think he would definitely like it.” “He may want me to do more than this” said Zoe as her forearm brushed against Adam’s straining cock in a repeat of her earlier massage. By way of demonstrating what she meant she began to run her fingers up his full length each time she got to the top of his legs. “Oh god. I’d love to see that” Adam breathed heavily. By now Zoe had given up all pretence of massaging his legs and had both hands wrapped around his cock which glistened with massage oil. She was so focussed on pleasuring Adam that she didn’t notice his hand reaching out until she felt the touch of his fingertips between her legs. Gasping but saying nothing she parted her legs a little further, allowing him easy access to her throbbing clit. It was only a couple of minutes before she felt the familiar sensations of a climax building. She cried out as the release of pleasure made her knees buckle, forcing her to support herself on the edge of the bench. “Thinking about your last client?” “Maybe.” Zoe blushed. Adam knew very well that “maybe” was her version of “yes” when she didn’t want to openly admit to something. Zoe bent her head and planted a feather light kiss on the tip of Adam’s cock. “That’s just for you” she said as she moved to the top of the bench. Reverting back to something closer to a normal massage she began to knead his shoulders and chest, but before long she was leaning forward in a replay of events an hour ago. This time she didn’t pull away as Adam sucked on her nipple and teased it with his tongue. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as his eager mouth moved from one breast to the other. Briefly she felt as though this oral attention was going to be enough to give her another orgasm but she remained tantalisingly on the edge. Fortunately the solution to her frustration was obvious to her. Lithely she climbed onto the bench, placing a knee either side of Adam’s head and lowering herself onto his waiting tongue. He alternated between licking her clit and sticking his tongue inside her soaking wet pussy. The orgasm that had been threatening to erupt now engulfed her, leaving Adam temporarily struggling for breath as she forced herself down onto his face. Finally recovered she slid off the bench and bent to kiss him, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. Wordlessly she slid her hands down his body to his straining erection and began to pump them up and down it in slow, firm strokes. Adam tried to hold back his own mounting climax, not wanting the sensations of pleasure to end. It was inevitably a losing battle and his body tensed as the first wave arrived. Zoe didn’t stop until every last drop of warm white cum had been milked from him. As she licked her fingers clean she looked at him, gave him a wink, and said “I’ll leave you to get dressed” and walked out the door. Once out in the hallway she took a deep breath. She couldn’t deny how much the earlier massage had turned her on and wondered what might happen if he did indeed book in for another one.
Written by gudboy69

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