Written by John

16 Sep 2004

This happened a few years ago when we had been married three – or maybe four – years. Carole and I were in the pub with an old school friend of mine. He told us that he'd been going to evening classes on photography for a couple of years and belonged to the local club. We talked about this for a few minutes during which, of course, the subject of glamour photography came up. He told us of his difficulty in finding models other than those used in the very formal group sessions at the club as he was too shy to approach suitable girls and his wife would not oblige (or, in truth, be suitable) even for innocent glamour shots.

I had taken naughty pictures of Carole (snaps rather than photographs) with our Polaroid, although she insisted that they were kept between ourselves. She is 5'4" with a lovely body with magnificent tits (which at that time were 38DD and contemptuous of the laws of gravity) surmounted by a luscious pair of nipples, and a sensuous pudenda. Unfortunately most of the photos I'd taken were very amateurish .

"Carole would make a good glamour model" I said, and suggested he come round at the weekend for some shots in our garden, at the same time teaching me some of the techniques he'd learnt. He was very keen, and Carole was quite happy to go along with the idea. From what she said she was thinking that she would be expected to strip to her underwear or bikini, but go no further. We said nothing to the contrary.

Sunday afternoon arrived. It was a perfect day for it; very warm but with the sun obscured behind high, thin cloud. Our garden is screened from view, so no problem with privacy. Carole and I had already selected some outfits for her to wear, the garden furniture had been arranged, and a black satin sheet laid upon the grass. A couple of sheets of white melamine-covered hardboard were placed ready to reflect light into any shadows.

After a couple of drinks while we chatted about the format of the photo-shoot, the session started with Carole wearing a slit skirt, lacy knickers and bra, with a thin fairly see-through white nylon blouse. Mike used his own camera and I used our Polaroid. We started with some shots with her on garden furniture and standing in various poses. Carole stripped to her underwear quite readily, and we took some nice pictures of her in various positions on the sheet. Mike would suggest a pose, and then she would move around for him to get the perfect picture. When we asked her for some more exposure, after a moment she turned her back and discreetly removed her bra and replaced the blouse. A few more pictures followed and with our cajoling she gradually uncovered her boobs and slowly lost her modesty as she became absorbed by the project and our stream of compliments had their effect. Gradually the pictures got raunchier as we pushed her further, until she was squeezing her breasts, pushing them up and out, and finally lowering her panties far enough to expose her pubic hair. Mike and I stopped short of getting her to strip naked as we thought we should give her time to get used to how far she had already gone. In any case, Mike’s camera had run out of film.

We broke for refreshments. Carole changed into her stringy bikini and one of my shirts ready for the next session while Mike reloaded his magazines. Following this we all three had another drink and checked the Polaroids, discussing how to improve our technique. Carole was particularly interested in our ideas for poses and suggested a few new ones herself.

There followed some more glamour shots where she slowly and seductively removed the shirt, and then we asked her to remove the bikini top and suggested the way we would like to see her do it. By now she had shed all inhibitions in front of Mike and did everything we asked - and more - without hesitation. She undid the tie for the halter and let the ends hang loose. The size of her breasts ensured that the small triangles of material soon slipped down to expose the full beauty of her mams. Then she undid the tie in the front between the two triangles of material and removed the top completely, at first teasingly using her arms and hands to cover her assets.

When we suggested she remove the bottom half, she seductively undid a side-tie without further prompting or direction. I'd not realised until this point how involved she now was in the modelling, and she seemed oblivious to the fact that Mike was present. As we snapped, she removed the bottom completely, and then moved around on the sheet to give us a chance to photograph every part of her body. This included poses with her legs spread wide and her pussy available for Mike to take close up shots showing minute detail, with me using the reflector to ensure full lighting. One picture in particular was magnificent. It was a close-up of her cunt. The pink flesh of the lips, the darker, moist pink of the inner flesh with the small mound of her clitoris and the mystery of her slit with its promise of what was inside awaiting discovery, her golden pubic hair and pale skin were all shown in clearest detail and sharpness. Later in the day another equally good picture would be taken, but this would show her lips darkened and engorged, the flesh inside red from activity, her clitoris swollen and protruding, her pubic hair and skin damp with drying body fluids, and a glob of semen oozing from her gash which was still parted slightly.

I asked her to touch and play with herself. She was just a little reluctant at first, but then she began rubbing her breasts, then her mound, and soon she was fingering her clitty and getting really worked up. Before long she had masturbated herself to orgasm and kept going for another one.

At this point I asked Mike to take my camera and to take more photos for me. I stripped off my shorts and joined her on the sheet. As we played with each other, coupled, gave oral sex and then screwed again, Mike was there taking shot after shot. He'd ask us to hold a position while he got the angle right, or ask us to move around a bit to improve the picture, but this did not put us off our stroke. While Carole was kneeling astride me taking the full length of my cock, Mike came in for a close-up. He had a raging erection which had been developing for a time; it started by emerging from the left leg of his shorts, and now in full glory had forced the leg of his shorts completely up and clear of it to stand straight out from his body. His scrotum hung below with the flesh over his testicles taught with the demands of his stiffy. Carole reached out with her hand and grasped his prick. As she gently squeezed and played with him, he took his picture then without a by-your-leave handed me the camera and loosened the tie of his shorts. He slipped them down and over his prick, which was as stiff as a ramrod and large, and Carole rubbed him hard and fast for a few seconds until he told her to stop as he was on the point of coming. Whilst still impaled on my tool she pulled him towards her face, slipped his glans between her lips, then wanked and sucked him until he came into her mouth. Of course, I took some lovely pictures of this, with my penis remaining fully erect inside her all this time. She swallowed his load, and then he took the camera and went back to taking photos. I came soon after.

I then invited Mike to take my place, and I took the cameras (mine was on its third roll). While he and Carole serviced each other I used up the roll but then I was ready for more so I joined in the romp until we were all three too exhausted to continue. It was then that we got the second photo of her well-stuffed cunt.

So we had some tea and admired the Polaroids. Most were much better than those in our collection. Mike knew a discreet film processor, and he gave us over two hundred prints the next weekend.

After that the three of us went to different locations for photo-shoots most weekends that summer - woods, heath land, beaches, parks, anywhere secluded, or if the weather was bad Mike's studio (tidied-up garage) or our house. Wherever it was we ended up with a new batch of horny photos. Carole became a model for Mike's camera club, specialising in rather less formal and "arty" sessions than her predecessors; attendance there tripled once she started, and it brought in some extra pocket money for her. She made a good model, with some sets published in the top-shelf men’s magazines, once making the front cover.

More money came in from the private sessions she had with some of the members. When she had a new client we did not know Mike or I went along to sit in on the first session or two, until we were sure they were safe. Then she went alone, telling me afterwards everything that happened. She would let them take whatever pictures they liked in whatever positions they wished. Her rate depended on how depraved the pictures were, and how much they wanted to touch her to arrange her position. Some wanted to be naked while they took the shots, and several masturbated while she was flashing her cunt, or pushing the vibrator, coke bottle, cucumber, or whatever they wished inside herself. Only a few of her clients were allowed to have sex with her although she wanked off some of the others. Some liked to take pictures of the two of us making out (I made no charge for my modelling services) and one or two joined us in a threesome. A couple of lady photographers also used her services. She found out that she enjoys a little lesbian sex now and then.

Then my job moved to the other end of the country and we followed it. After that Carole did not take up that line again. But I still have the pictures.