Written by Cathy

9 Sep 2005

Recently, my husband and his two mates took a week off work and went to Portrush to watch the North West 200 motorcycle races. This left me and my two friends, lorna and Roisin alone for five days and by Wednesday we decided to go out on the pull on Friday night. Well if our husbands were partying at Portrush all week, then we deserved some fun.

My mates called round at 6 0'clock on Friday night and we poured a few drinks. I dressed in a quarter cup bra, seethru blouse, short leather skirt, fishnet holdup stockings, a g string and high heels with a short jacket to protect my modesty. We decided to go to a bar in Belfast where there was a strip show and a live band.

We got a taxi to the bar and when we arrived, the place was in full swing. We pushed our way through the crowd and finally found a table and ordered some drinks. We got chatting to some guys sitting near us and we were soon dancing with them. When I took off my jacket, I became a very popular dance partner as my blouse hid very little.

The first stripper came on, dressed as a school girl and did a 5 minute strip. She kept her thong on and felt her tits a bit and then left the stage. The guys went wild and shouted for more, I wasnt too impressed. We went back to our table and some guys bought us drinks and we danced with them. They were Robert, Brian and Terry and we decided to pair off with them. I danced with Terry and I let him touch me up as the night went on. I let him feel my shaved cunt and he probed me with his fingers, while i rubbed his cock through his jeans.

The second stripper came on and did a sexy routine as a cowgirl. she ended up naked and opened her legs to let everyone see her peirced and shaved cunt. Not bad, I said,but I could do better. Id like to see that said Terry.

We danced with the guys again and Terry kissed me a lot, I decided that he was going to fill my hole tonight.

The third stripper was really classy, she was dressed as an executive type and she took 10 minutes to get naked, and displayed her fanny to all the guys. She finger fucked herself and then licked them clean. It turned Terry on no end and I rubbed his hard cock again, discreetly.

Lorna said that we could go back to her house and continue, so we ordered two taxis. When we arrived, we got some drinks, turned the lights low and put on some music. I kissed Terry and he felt my boobs and played with my cunt. I could see that Lorna had taken Brian's cock out and was wanking it as she kissed him. Robert said,What about the strip show,you girls promised. I'm up for it said Roisin.

Roisin walked to the centre of the floor and started dancing. she took off her blouse and loosened her skirt. she went to Robert and he pulled it off. She leant forward and undid her bra and took it off and offered her boobs to Robert to kiss. Roisin then turned round and bent over in front of him and he removed her G string. Lorna got up next,but before she started stripping,she said,I want you guys to get naked and sit on three chairs. I helped Terry off with his clothes and had a good look at his nice wet cock and his firm ass.

I felt his cock and licked the tip, it allready tasted of

salty spunk. lorna got the guys to sit on the chairs in a circle, about 8 feet apart

Lorna stripped very provoctively and got each of the guys to remove an item of clothing each, until she was naked She played with her cunt as she went and got the guys to lick her fingers. Lorna then went over to Robert and got on her knees in front of him and started kissing and licking his cock. After a minute or so, she got up and did the same to Terry. She then went to Brian and instead of sucking him, she squated over him and guided his cock up her wet cunt and started riding him like a whore. Your cue Cathy, she said

I nervously took to the floor and for the first time I could really see what was going on. Lorna was riding Brian hard and Roisin was kneeling beside robert licking away at his cock and balls,while finger fucking herself.

I started stripping by loosening the buttons on my blouse and got Robert to take it off. I decided to keep my quarter cup bra on as my boobs were allready on display. I pulled up my skirt and squatted over Terry's cock and rubbed my wet thong crotch against his cock head. He undid my skirt and it fell to the ground. Terry removed my thongb but I told him to leave the fishnet stockings on. I pushed my ass into his face. He started to lick my cunt and put a wet finger in my ass. I got him to the centre of the room and got him on his back. We got into a 69 position and I sucked him until he said he was going to cum. I then mounted him and started riding him hard. I loved this cock up me ,it was the same length as my husbands cock, but it was thicker and it stretched me a lot.I looked over at Lorna and she had got Brian's cock stuck up her ass, she loves anal. Roisin was 69ing Robert, she only screws her husband. I was just in time to watch Robert cum and Roisin wrapped her lips around his shaft and took it in the mouth. She swallowed and then cleaned his dripping cock with her toungue.

Terry rode me harder and faster and started to cum . I said, Cum up me and he shot about six loads inside my cunt. It was so warm and slimy that I orgasmed right away, I gently rode up and down on his cock now, until it softened and flopped out of me. I lay on the carpet and opened my legs to let everyone see the cum running out of my cunt. Roisin put her finger in me and then licked some of Terry's cum off it. We made an excuse that Lorna's husband was coming home and the three lads left soon after. We all took a shower together and washed the cum off our bodies. I stayed at Lorna's and we agreed that this was the sexiest night that we had ever had.