Written by cheshire cd

5 Sep 2006

Iam an occasional (unconvincing) xdresser. Slightly bi, I love to wear heels and hold-ups, and sometimes the full gear for late night fun and games. Last week I had some spare time at lunch and decided to visit the toilet near Oulton Park in Cheshire to see if there was any fun to be had. I went into the cubicle and quickly stripped off, smoothing a pair of black holp-ups to my legs and then putting on some new red 5 inch slutty stilleto sandals, (they're a bit tight at the moment, but will soon give!)I then put a long mac over the top and sat and waited to see if anyone came in. After a couple of false starts, I heard someone enter the toilets and wait around outside the door, a quiet tapping told me he was interested.

When I opened the door a slightly punky looking guy in tartan trousers was stood there looking at me and he reached out to stroke my silky stockinged thighs. His cock was out as quick as a flash, not the biggest I've seen but nicely proportioned and shaved. I teetered over to him and then squatted down, sucking his semi-erect cock deep into my mouth. As I pushed forward and his end hit my throat, he moaned out loud and before I knew it his spunk was hitting the back of my tongue. The guy withdrew and left before I had chance to stand up! I peeped round the outer door and saw him walk across the car park, he spoke to an old guy who was sitting in his car, who got out and headed towards the toilet.

The old duffer must have been about 65, and whn he came in he headed straight for the cubicle door and knocked. When I opened the door he said "ooooh lovely" under his breath while fishing out a decent sized cock from his pants, I bent over at the waist to suck this guy and as I really went to town on his thick dick he was groaning and swearing at me. I was shocked to feel hands sliding up my legs stroking at my stockings which then parted my cheeks and a tongue squirmed away at my virgin hole. When I looked behind me another even older guy was kneeling behind me with his hard-on sticking out while he feasted on me. He then stood up and pulled on a rubber and nudged his prick against my slippery arsehole.

"Go on, fuck the slut," the guy I was sucking on growled, and with that the other bloke pushed firmly forward whilst gripping my hips for purchase. After some initial resistance his shaft slid in and he started banging away at me also telling me what a dirty little bitch I was. After a few minutes of this he suddenly pulled out of my sore hole wrenching the rubber off and forced me to my knees on the floor, "suck it you filthy slut" he ordered and like a good'un I obeyed, licking and sucking each one of them in turn. They both stepped away from me a touch and bewgan wanking their cocks in earnest, still both talking dirty to me.

They both started grunting and their cocks began twitching as the pace of their wanking increased, the older guy pushed himself towards my open mouth and his spunk jetted from the end into my mouth and across my cheek, the other guy pushed his cock into my mouth and erupted over my tongue, nearly making me choke. In the meantime the other guy was wiping hic cock on my face saying what a cum slut I was. When they had both finished they left and I looked down to see my stocking tops soaked in the spunk I hadn't managed to swallow. I got changed back into my normal clothes and left.... What a lunchtime!