Written by Clair

27 Jul 2006

Hi everybody my name is Clare and I am 55 years old and have been married to my husband Jim since I was 19. I am 5feet six inches tall 36b bust and still have all the cuves in the right places.I have been very happily married for over thirty years and I have never had the need to stray and we have had three children who are now all grown and left home. We have watched porn movies for many years and fantasised about many different situations. This has kept our sex life lustful and which we both enjoy.

Fantasies help to keep an healthy attitude to a sex life which helps to stops affairs the break up of marriages. It has never entered my head to go looking for sex anywhere else and for that fact neither has my husband. There was an incident about a year ago when our next door neighbour Alex called one afternoon as he had run out of toilet rolls and asked if he could borrow one. This was a Monday around 1 o’clock Jim was at work I asked him in as we have known him for years. I said I will get you a roll and is one enough or would you like a pack as we always have multiple items of most things around the house.

This is mainly down to Jim because if he sees buy one get one free he buys loads of them but it does save money. Any way back to the Monday afternoon I went up stairs to the bathroom cupboard and as I bent down to pick up a toilet roll I felt Alex hands on my hips. I jumped up and said what are doing, he replied I was steadying you so you would not fall backwards. I am quiet capable of bending over with out falling thank you. To this he replied you are a very beautiful woman and then tried to kiss me but I pushed him away.

Well I have fancied you for years he replied, I am sorry but I am very happily married to Jim and I don’t want to complicate that, I wouldn’t complicate anything for you sweetheart. I’m not your sweetheart no but I whished you were, cos I’ve fancied you for years. Well I am not available then he tried to kiss three or four times but I kept moving my head from side to side. He then stepped back and to my horror he had his cock out I rushed past him and back down stairs then asked him to leave. When Jim got home I was uncertain weather to tell him what had happened. So I just said Alex was round this afternoon to borrow a toilet roll and he tried to kiss me, and did he ? No I moved out of his way. Nothing more was said until we went to bed when it was playing on my mind so I told Jim that he got his cock out.

Did you touch it he asked me no of course not, was he big, ? I didn’t notice You mean to tell me the man exposed his cock to you and you did not notice, come on Clare love. Well I suppose he was big, how big? Bout 8 inches I think, was it thick yes very thick. This excited Jim as he now had an erection that was pressing against my leg but he is only four inches fully erect but it does me. Then about a week later we were watching a blue movie and the man had about a ten inch cock. Jim said well Clare I bet you could take that in you ?, I could and could take it all the way up and take his spunk. Jim likes to hear me say these things like that to him as it makes him cum and I get really wound up to an orgasm as well. Then Jim said is that cock as big as Alex cock ? no Alex was bigger than that, how big ? At least two inches bigger.

Yeh and I bet you could take him as well to which I heard myself say I would love to , Jim said really would you let him in your knickers ho yes ho yes. With that we both came together and it was mind blowing. Then afterward Jim asked did I mean what I said, would I let Alex fuck me of course not its just fantasy and that’s where it will stay. Over the weeks we got further into this fantasy acting out great details. While we were fucking one night when I said that I had Alex actually fucked me, did he force you ? no not in any way it was me coming on to him. Of course this was not true but we had mind blowing orgasm’s.

A few months later I decided to take up cycling until one day I was out in the country when I got a flat tyre and had no idea how to fix it. I was just about to start walking when to guys on bikes stopped, what’s wrong love they introduced them selves as Jeff and Tom. I have got a flat tyre I replied they were both dressed in licra tops and shorts and they looked very professional. Don’t worry darling we can sort you out and a thought flashed through my head I bet they could. Any way Jeff the taller of two said i have a spare tube I will slip it on for you. I watched in amazement as they had obviously done this many times before.

While Jeff was bending over my bike I could not help but notice the bulge in his shorts as licra leaves nothing to the imagination. He turned and caught me looking and I blushed with embarrassment to which he just smiled. The smaller of the two men. Tom had noticed and said I think you have an admirer Jeff and I could feel myself going red in the face. Jeff said take no notice he always like this he thinks of nothing but sex 24/ 7. Well that’s it fixed love, ho thank you so much you don’t how grateful I am to which Tom replied well I would like to find out. Look Tom leave her alone she’s a lady ,well I replied I can be a devil sometimes then tom came over and without warning kissed me full on the lips. Thank you I said as I thought he was just going to get on his bike and go.

But he seamed to have other ideas when he put his arms around me and pulled me into him, now he said kiss me properly. I don’t know why maybe it was because they had saved me from being stranded but I responded. My heart was saying kiss him my head was saying stop but I kept on thinking of when Alex pulled his cock out and it was swirling through my head. I was just about to push Tom away when I felt a hand stroking the inside of my thigh, it was Jeff. His hand stoked gentility almost to the top of my shorts then it was gone, then it started again this time up the back of my leg. I said to Tom I’m sorry we must stop this now my husband would not like it, to which he replied you husband is not getting, you are.

did not have time to answer as Jeff stood behind me and pulled my bum on to his erection which I could feel through his licra shorts. He was gyrating in a circular motion which I had to admit was turning me on. But no this was not right I can not cheat on my darling husband of over 30 years. I was just bout to tell them to stop when in one sudden pull Jeff yanked my shorts and knickers together down to my knees. It all happened so quick as his hand caressed my bum with a finger sliding over my now damp pussy and tom had his hands up my top. God what was I thinking of out here in the county letting to two men that I did not know treat me like a cheap whore. No no no please stop I love my husband, ho yeh replied Jeff well why is you pussy so wet hey ? answer me that.

I had summoned up one last effort to try and stop this madness but I was failing then Jeff dropped his shorts and his fully erect cock was pushing between my legs from my bum. Have you ever seen one as big as this then he snorted, it took me back to Alex big cock but this was even bigger. This was in my mind and the fantasy that Jim wanted Alex to fuck me but I was only making excuses for myself really. Maybe he would like this to happen to me but in all honesty he will think of me as a dirty cheap whore and I was cheating on him. Tom then removed my top and my bra it was hopeless I had succumbed to these fit bikers for better or for worse. Jeff told Tom to move over I am going to fuck her brains out then laid me on my back and rested the helmet of his cock at the opening to my now soaking wet pussy.

Slowly he pushed forward my god he was stretching my pussy wide open and I was soaking and never in my life had I been so wet. It wasn’t long before he was all the in me up to his balls as they slapped against my want,nt cunt. I had now forgotten all about my husband as I felt a massive climax building inside me and my head was spinning in a daze. Tom came forward and put his cock on my lips which I greedily took in my mouth and started to suck in a frenzy. They were talking to me but it seamed like they were talking from miles away, had never experienced this before. All I could think of was that I did not want this ecstasy to end I was their to do what ever wished.

My body was shaking as a massive orgasm tore through me, I was out of control and at the same time Jeff gave one massive trust and filled my pussy with what seemed gallons of creamy spunk. My orgasm carried on and on, then Tom let go and filled my mouth with his salty spunk which I had to swallow. Jeff pulled out of my pussy and said do want some water sports what that I said I have never heard of it. Tom said hang on I’ve got some sun tan lotion in my shirt, I could not think why he would want sun tan lotion. They turned me over on all fours and started rubbing lotion into my back slowly reaching my bum. No no no no no I cried not your cock up my arse I don’t even allow Jim that pleasure I don’t do that.

To this Tom replied I am not putting my cock up your arse hole just a finger, this was the first time in my life I had contemplated let someone finger my arse hole.

His finger slid in easily with the lotion as he pushed in and out, then two fingers then three, then more lotion and I thought god he is going to fuck my arse. But no back went the three fingers then a closed fist part way in, my arse was wide open with all that lotion. This I never would have let my darling husband do to me let alone some stranger treating me like some cheap slapper. Then with one fierce thrust tom was inside my arse hole up to his wrist slowly pushing backwards and forwards. This was painful and I cried out but as much in please as in pain never in my wildest dreams would I have though that people actually do this to each other. But here I was shuddering with pleasure again as I felt another orgasm building from my cunt upwards as he inserted his are arm half way to his elbow.

In and out he pushed his arm with his fist clenched inside me ramming my inner arse hole and I was screaming fuck me, fuck meeeee and I came yet again. Then he pulled out of me and put his fingers to my mouth here you cheating bitch taste you arse juices, which to my own disgust sucked his fingers clean. Then Tom said right Jeff water sport time Jeff said turn over again on all fours tom knelt in front of me an pushed his limp cock in my mouth. Then while leaning over my back he open my arse hole while Jeff let go his pee go filling up my hole with his piss, it was running everywhere even into my pussy. Then tom stud up and pissed all over my head I could feel running over my lips and down my body as I climaxed yet again.

Now they had used me like some slut but I should really have been stronger and stopped them but for some reason I never did. They then both got their cycling gear back on and said hope to see you in trouble again and rode off. I got dressed and rode home feeling disgusted and ashamed about what I had let myself become, just a dirty cheating fucking whore of a wife. I was distressed how could I have done this to my loving husband , I thought I can not live with this guilt. On the way home all I could think of was how can I live with my self, I cant live a lie , I have to tell Jim. This will probably be the end of our marriage and he will throw me out and I can’t really blame him.

As I rode home I could smell myself which was a mixture of cum in my pussy and dried piss all over my body I really did stink. Then as I approached the house I saw jims car in the drive way I had forgotten he had come home early so we could start decorating. I quietly put my bike down the side of the house and thought I will go in through the back door. If I was lucky I could creep up stairs and into the shower before he realised I was home. But just as I opened the back door Jim walked into the kitchen, what happened to you he asked. That was it game up I had to tell him what had happened and he just stood and stared at me not saying a word as I told him the truth. All the time I was telling I was crying, he then came over to me glaring into my eyes, ho my god I thought this is the end.

He stood silent for what seamed like for ever right Clare I never thought that you would do anything like this you dirty little fucking slut you. I waited for the dreaded words that we were finished our marriage had come to an end. He took one step forward grabbed me and started to rip off all my cloths till I was stark naked in front of him. This I did not expect and thought to myself what is he going to do to me. My god you smell you need to get cleaned up right I will go and have a shower, to which he replied like fuck you will. What I said, with that he picked me up and lay me on the settee I am going to clean you. And clean me he did but not with soap and water but with his tongue. He licked my whole body cleaning up the piss from me. Lastly he licked my arse clean and drove his tongue up my cunt till it was emptied of spunk and piss.

I had never seen his cock so hard in all our years together and even seamed bigger as we fucked in a frenzy, me climaxing as he filled my dirt cunt with spunk yet gain. Afterwards I asked him if he still loved me of course I do darling. But I have cheated on you, no you haven’t you just been fucked and that’s different from love. But those men put their fist in my arse and pissed in me and al over me, its disgusting they called it water sports. Yes I know darling, what you know what water sports is ? Yes I have a video of it. Why have you never shown me , well I thought you would be disgusted with it, and in all honesty I would have been. But now I have experienced I feel more at ease with it.

Now we fuck and there are no holes barred I am a born again woman who has found the secret of lust. We were fucking one night when I said to Jim would you like me to cover you in oil which jumped at. I slowly massaged oil into his back and down over his bum letting my finger into his puckered hole eventually getting my fist and arm into his arse hole. He moaning out loud as I reamed his arse just like mine had been reamed that day. I withdrew and offered up my fingers which he cleaned up licking all the arse juices from them. Then he said, please me once more darling of course what do you want me to do. He lay on his back and said sit on my face and started to lick my puss slowly at first then harder as he found my clit and I came with a shuddering orgasm.

As this died away I was about to get up when Jim said no stay there what for I asked, back came the reply piss in my mouth. I cant do that it filthy, do it you cheating fuck whore do it, his words excited me so thought fuck hear goes. Slowly bitch slowly I want to drink down every single drop of you sweet pee. I was bursting for a piss and I was peeing for ages as he drunk every single drop. After he had drunk me dry he put his cock in my mouth and wanked himself off and came in my mouth filling me with creamy white spunk. Then to my surprise I head myself say piss in my mouth to I want to taste you as you have tasted me. He slowly filled my mouth with his warm pee that tasted funny at first but i drank it all down as he had done with me. We now fist each other all the time and we drink each others pee and sex as never been so exhilarating. I do our Jeff and Tom a debt of gratitude for enriching both our lustful sex lives, and we are even talking of Alex fucking me but I’m still not sure on that score.

But ias i am posring this story i thought i would like to hear from other members with surgestions.

love clair