Written by Liz the cleaner

24 Jun 2006

Hi I'm Liz, I work as a cleaner in an office block each morning.

I have to start at 7am each day, which is a real pain, I'm 47 & I think I have kept my looks reasonably, I try to stear clear of looking like a 'dreary cleaner' so I'll regularly wear a shortish denim skirt & small heels, often with a low cut T shirt which shows off my ample tits

A couple of months back, I was doing my rounds, & I had drawn the short straw which meant cleaning the mens toilets, They aren't too bad normally & I do them before the office ste in.

This particular day, one of the managers had come to work early, he's good looking, has just lost loads of weight & having had a brief snog at an office party, I wouldn't exactly kick him out of bed!!

It didn't help that I was getting a lot of grief at home from my husband, he was treating me like shit.

AnywayI walked into the toilet to find Phil standing at the urinal, cock in hand & pissing for England!!

He didn't bat an eyelid as I came in, & I made a silly comment along the lines of,'You're ok, I can't see anything cos I don't have my magnifying glass'

He came back with 'if you can't see from there, come closer'

I put down my mop & walked to his side, by now he was shaking the drops off I was pleasantly surprised to see a semi erect 6 incher, not massive, but very tempting.

I told him that he was a dirty bastard & there were still drops dripping from it.

He said that as I was employed to clean, then I could lick it clean.

I could feel my pants were getting very wet & I was tingling all over, but his cock looked so inviting that I dropped to my knees & he turned & placed it onto my tongue, I licked his salty residue & immediately he became fully erect, I kissed his purple end & he held my head as his cock slid in, slowly he started to fuck my mouth, gasping as I dug my red nails into his scrotum, I undid his trousers & pulled them down, then he withdrew & placed his cock between my breastsrubbing his wet end along my ample cleavage, he reached down to my waist & pulled my T shirt over my head, then he roughly pulled off my bra then squeezed & pinched my now erect nipples.

Then he stood me up & told me to bend over the washbasin, we have a full legth mirror behind the sinks & I could see him behind me, he lifted my skirt & ran his hand over my now soaking pantsthem his hands went to the waist band & they were around my ankles, I lifted a foot out & kicked them away as his fingers went deep inside, probing & twisting, I could feel him going for a fist but I wasn't ready, then I felt his cock rub my wet lips, & I saw a smile on his fac as he buried it into my willing cunt.

There was no slow start, he rammed it home & continued to fuck me with a vengeance, I was coming with wave after wave, I so needed to be fuckedthen his fingers found my arse, first one, then two & then three, Oh Fuck, I was in heaven, he had to cover my mouth to stop me screaming with pleasure, or my supervisor would come in.

Then I felt him tense, then release, he shot his sperm deep into my womb, then he stopped, he refused to come out saying he wanted my womb drenched with his seed, I told him that he needn't worry As I arranged for him to come to my house when my useless husband was out.

He fucks me regularly now & has taken my arse cherry, & his fisting is something else...

But thats for another day