Written by Ripley

3 Jun 2006

when I was a student in Wales, I shared a house with my girlfriend, Susan. We were both about 19 at the time.

One day, the washing machine broke down and a bloke of about 50 was sent round to fix it. Susan was in the bedroom doing whatever, so I had to do the small talk. It wasn't long before the old perv was going on about meeting some girls in Spain, telling me with a kind of aggressive disbelief how the local girls wore tiny bikinis with - and I quote- "all their fannyhair showing round the edges". He then went on to tell me about how he was into "photography". You could tell he was a dirty old sod - a bit of a heavy breather, if you know what I mean. His general attitude to women was pissing me off a bit so I decided to fuck him up.

I excused myself and went to the bedroom, where I told Susan what he'd been saying. She was suitably appalled. I suggested that we should give him a shock and that she should come through to the kitchen in just her underwear. Susan was a drama student, naturally exhibitionist and quite fearless, and she thought this'd be a good laugh.

I sauntered back through to the kitchen where the guy was dismantling the electrolux. After another ten minutes of listening to him talk bollocks, Susan still hadn't showed and I figured she'd chickened out. I couldn't have been more wrong.

A couple of minutes later, the door opened and Susan walked in. She was wearing a small t-shirt . . . and that was it! She was completely naked from the waist down! She was a really beautiful girl, Susan, naturally dark, with one of the hairiest cunts I've ever seen.But despite her undress, she gave her sweetest smile to the repairman and affected a kind of mild surprise.

The repairman's eyes were immediately drawn to her thick puff of cunthair.He had that look that Sid the Sexist gets. His shock was such that he just exclaimed (in a Welsh accent), "Jesus Fucking Christ!" but Susan went on to ask me something fairly mundane, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. What a star. I was somewhere between deep internalised laughter and a strange feeling of eroticism.

After all, this old bastard was seeing a really pretty teenager's twat. I knew he'd be wanking off about this for years.

I answered Susan's question as best I could and I thought she'd leave after that. Instead she delivered the coup-de-grace. She opened one of the wall cupboards, turned her back on the repairmen and stretched up for something on the very top shelf. Not able to reach, she put her right knee up on the surface to gain some height. Her soft, white bumcheeks parted for an instant, giving a clear and shocking view of her lightly-haired anus and her pink pussylips, which I swear parted slightly as she brought down the item.

It was a tiny moment. Again, with complete nonchalance, she said goodbye to the repairmen and left the kitchen.

You can imagine that the air was pretty thick with tension, until the repaimen said "who the fuck was that?". I told him she was my girlfriend. "You're fucking that?" he asked, with his customary charm.I didn't even answer. "Does she always walk about like that?".

"Sometimes", I lied.

He pondered this."Does she know what it does to a man, seeing her like that?", he asked. It was an odd question; again, it went unanswered. "What a dirty bitch", he decided.

This struck me as a rather offensive comment. I decided to twist the knife. "Yeah, well I think I'll go and fuck her. Let me know when you're done."

I went to the bedroom where Susan and I had a mischievous chuckle about the event, though we were both turned-on as hell. Within minutes we were naked and snogging, her beating frantically at my rock-hard teenage cock, me sucking on her big puppy-fat tits and tiny pale nipples. I licked those cunt-lips like a thirsty dog, her pubes soon matted with spit. We were just a panting frenzy of teenage flesh, having really dirty desperate sex, all the more exciting for knowing the repairman was in the kitchen.

Well, should have been in the kitchen - because just as I sat up to put Susan over my knee for some mid-sex spanking, I got the fright of my life; the repairman was standing right there, staring at us. My immediate reaction was to angrily ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing. "Watching you shag that little slut", he said.

This was a little creepy, in retrospect. But both Susan and I were more angry than scared. "Fuck you", Susan said.

"I'd rather fuck your hairy little cunt" he returned. I was beginning to tremble, feeling that a physical confrontation was looming. Susan - fearless, like I said - took him on, taunting him. "Do you like it?", she asked - and with this she went into a series of incredibly rude poses. First, she spread her legs - "Want to fuck my pussy, do you?" - then she rocked back on her hips and splayed her cunt and bumhole - "Look at what you can't have - d'you like that?". The repairman stared, absolutely mesmerised and shocked. "You want to suck my tits?" she provoked, and then (this was a trick of hers) she bundled one of her nipples into her own mouth, sucked it up and let go of the tit with her hands, holding it up by suction alone before it flopped out of her mouth. "Mmm - look at what you can't have, you dirty old cunt!".

She then started to suck my cock, which was not exactly at its proudest by then. I protested slightly but Susan was adamant - "No, let the old bastard see what he can't have!". The pervy repairman just stood there watching as she gave me a frantic, drooling blowjob - making a real fuss about it to labour the point and occasionally looking up at the man and asking him if he wished it was his cock, and so on. The man seemed too shocked to be dangerous and soon - God Bless Youth - my cock was stiff as all-hell again. At 19, Susan wasn't an expert cock-sucker but she made up for lack of technique with enthusiasm and finally I came uncontrollably, splashing spunk everywhere. Weirdly, I held eye-contact with the repairman as I did so.

Then Susan was up, naked and unashamed and telling the repairman to fuck off. She literally forced the bewildered guy down the hallway to the front door, where she allowed him a moment to gather his workbox. For all his fright, he rarely took his eyes off her body and even made a last minute grab at her tit. I intervened then and we bundled him out.

Moments later, we erupted in a kind of hysterical laughter. It had been both scary and sexy. She was a helluva girl, that Susan, and we were to have a few more noteworthy moments over the years; the sexiest of which broke us apart.