Written by john

25 Aug 2006

I have had a few gay encounters ,I like the uncomplicated sexual satisfaction! In July I had a job to do in Tees side,had heard of an interesting layby and decided to give it a go.Mid afternoon and several cars ,a van and 2 lorries were parked up. I really needed a pee so took a path into the wood,unzipped and started to water the ivy. Looking about I started to spot varios figures and one group by a tree,I didnt put my 8" and thickening cock away as I approached the men,4 were watching a good looking young guy feeding a massive thick tool into the mouth of another chap kneeling in front of him. I edged into the circle toget closer to the action and immediatly had a big hand wrapped round my now rigid cock. Another man moved in behind me ,hands reached round and my shirt opened and jeans pushed down,two hands now wanking me and a finger teasing my tight arse! The guy being face fucked groaned ,rubbed his jaw and backed away, I stepped or was pushed in front of the young guy .His hand was really working his cock,his belly contracting ,his face contorting, reaching out I pulled the thick flanged cock to my lips and helped him into my wet open mouth.Only a fewseconds of contact and he started to errupt> The first jet shot into my mouth, thick and slippery, he pulled back and shot load after load onto my upturned face.Using his cock t6o smear my face further he ivited the rest of the cicle to " use the tart" They did just that!2 guys stepped up and worked their cocks into my slippery mouth whilst someone held my head steady. Soon the had wanked into my face, using cock and finger to force come into my mouth. My shirt was then pulled of and I was pulled onto my back.Out of the now increasd circle a large bearded man stepped over me and lowered himself onto my 8"cock ,as i started to fuck him he called ,in Dutch I think , for the rest to spray me! I will never forget looking up and seeing ,and feeling one cock after another dropgobs and strings oc come onto me whilst i filled the Dutchman arse with my spunk!They all melted away as I lay savuoring the event.