Written by haile

26 Jun 2006

Hi all I received a phone call from my wife at 12.15 to say that one of the men she is shagging at the moment wants to call in for a quick fuck. They don’t know that I know about the shagging and encourage her as she is very horny and loves cock and spunk. We arranged I would be home at 1.45 just after he has gone for a fresh cream pie and a fuck. I would have to be quick as well as she is going to work this afternoon.

On the way home I passed her fuck who waved to me (must have thought he was lucky not being there) good timing. When I arrived the dirt little spunk slut was wearing a tight tee-shirt white with no bra and low cut jeans with a white thong. She kissed me and I slipped my hand down the front of her jeans her cunt was soaking the dirty bastard had filled her with his sunk and it was running out of her cunt and down her thigh. These thongs don’t hold the spunk back very well. We went to the bedroom and undressed. The spunk slut told me how he had arrived and she explained their wasn’t enough time.

He peeled her cloths of and she unzipped him taking his full hard cock in her mouth he hadn’t had a shag for a week. Once he was undressed she got straight on top of him and let his cock fill her (don’t worry its smaller the my 10 inches). She says she came very fast and her cunt was soaking he did his favourite which was to turn her on her and knees fucking her doggy while watching in a mirror. The slut let him spread her ass cheeks and watch her tight ass hole while fucking her. Possibly one time she will let one of them fuck her ass which will loosen it up for me she says I’m to big and I would love to lick spunk out of her ass He shot loads of spunk up her cunt and loved it.

At this point she moved up and presented her cunt to my mouth it was oozing with fresh spunk big globs of it. I pushed my face in and started to suck and drink it tasted heavenly. I could feel it running out of her cunt into my mouth and down my chine. We didn’t have enough time so I turned her over and fucked her while she told me the details again then I added my sunk to what was left of his.

Fucking fantastic I will have to have a wank after telling you this story as I’m hard as a rock again and I can’t wait till she gets home from work tonight.

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