Written by alan

26 Aug 2006

I enjoy reading the stories on this site and thought I’d like to share some of my experiences as a cuckold husband with my first wife. Although I wasn’t familiar with the term until later it would appear all the more surprising since I had been a little jealous and possessive but by the time we were married I often fantasised about watching her have sex with other men. I developed this fantasy from reading the stories in sex magazines but never thought I’d have the nerve to tell my wife.

We met at a very young age and even before we were married I let her make all the major decisions. I guess she had the stronger personality while I was very much laid back that I suppose some would have said that she wore the trousers in our relationship.

I guess she was always a flirt but I think we’d been married about five years when I found out that she was seen with a guy in town – she had regular Friday nights out with the girls from work. When I confronted her she denied everything but with the rumours flying she later admitted that she met this guy several times but nothing really happened. Despite my fantasies I was just as pissed of as the next guy and really embarrassed that word had got around amongst our circle of friends.

I was bound to have some doubts and over the next few weeks I began to imagine all kinds of scenarios, even fantasising that she’d been having sex with this guy. Then after a night out, being a little drunk, I couldn’t resist and asked if she ever fancied having sex with him? There was a long pause before she answered but swore that she never ever considered. Then with my heart in my mouth I told her that as long as she was discreet then I’d be okay about her having sex with this guy. In the darkness I felt she wanted to say something but there was only silence and the following morning I think we both felt embarrassed.

But just a couple of days later we were sitting quietly watching TV when she asked if I was serious about what I’d said? Think I would have preferred to be drunk talking about this but after getting over the initial embarrassment we began to talk about how we both felt. We talked late into the night, I still didn’t have the nerve to tell her about my fantasy but after we went to bed she must have guessed that I was turned on by the idea.

Maybe that’s what convinced her that I was serious, after lifting her Friday night ban she came home and told me that she had been talking with this guy. She spent some time with him but swore that she didn’t risk flirting and talked about all kinds of stuff since he’d heard about what had happened. Then out of the blue she asked how I felt if she stopped the night with him the following Friday?

It came out much later that she’d known this guy for some months, started with some harmless flirting but got a lot more serious where they often left the crowd and enjoyed some passionate moments. But she still swore that she’d never had full sex with him. Yeah, the secret was out but only when she decided that I was ready she gave me the graphic details. At the end of the evening they’d find a quiet doorway but she only ever let him play with her tits and suck her nipples. Although she was tempted she wasn’t prepared to take the risk but I often wondered. So, hardly surprising that she agreed to sleep with him after that first night.

So this is how it all started but now, faced with the reality, I had a lot of misgivings but finally convinced myself that I could end it anytime should I ever feel insecure and jealous about her seeing this guy – however!

We agreed that they wouldn’t meet in town, that she went straight to his place from work and spend the night together. To spare my embarrassment, she was to tell him that we agreed to an open marriage as long as we both kept things discreet. It worked pretty well and I never met the guy.

When we met the following evening things were a little strained but after a few drinks she told me how they spent the evening. Sparing the details I guess but they actually had dinner and talked for some time before having sex. Told me how many times they had sex, wow, but they had spent all day in bed that Saturday.

I was surprised how quickly we both adjusted and after just a few weeks we were talking quite freely and with a little persuasion she gave me more details but the only evidence I ever seen was the marks on her tits since she always showered before she left his place. I wanted her to come home straight from his bed, to feel her wet cunt, or her tits covered in his cum – just like in the stories I read in the magazines. But never had the nerve to tell her.

I never considered the risks that she might be in love with this guy but later convinced that she would have left me had he been interested. It was only when the affair was over after about six months I realised from how upset she was. That was some weird experience, consoling my wife after her lover had found someone else.

While it lasted we both enjoyed the experience, if for different reasons but with that in mind I was more than ready to call a halt. But she had other ideas. Just a few weeks later she told me that she’d found someone else and insisted on spending the night with him. It put a strain on our relationship but I reluctantly agreed and once again she was in control. I only found out later that she slept with this second guy only to make the first guy jealous. After that affair ended I thought she settled down but over the next four years she had a number of affairs and I guess, one night stands.

I suppose the novelty was bound to wear off, she always told me where she had been and with who but now told me very little detail. And sometimes, the only warning was a phone call late at night but as long as I knew she was safe and discreet then I was okay. However, there were a few times when I was rewarded, when she came home in the early hours and too exhausted to shower. I always explored her body while she slept and was convinced that I could feel another man’s cum inside her.

That’s not to say she went out every Friday night but I recognised a pattern. Perhaps nothing would happen for months then I’d get a late night phone call, depending on the guy I guess if she arranged to meet with him again, sometimes for weeks or months.

Finally, after about three years I found the courage to tell my wife about my fantasy after reading an article in a sex magazine about cuckold husbands, the first time I came across the term. Although I was aware that it was a common fantasy this appeared completely different, explaining all kinds of things but I was particularly interested in the humiliation, being made to watch. After showing the article to my wife she wasn’t surprised but I was when she asked if I ever fancied a threesome. She didn’t answer my question but yet another revelation that she never talked about. Not sure if she was keen at first as she explained that she might know a couple of men that might be interested in a threesome but not sure about playing that role. However, for the first time ever I talked enthusiastically about my fantasies and she responded by taking me through all kinds of scenarios until I was convinced she was just as interested. I’d long since known that she was an exhibitionist so perhaps that’s why it appealed to her. For the next few months we talked about it so often that I dropped any inhibitions and told her exactly how I’d imagine each scenario. All very good in fantasy until one night I had the shock of my life.

Not unusual for us to arrange a Friday night at home but after settling down to some TV there was a knock on the door. My wife introduced me to Jeff, he was much older, perhaps late thirties that I assumed him to be her boss from work. Either way I was a little confused but after a brief introduction she calmly announced that he was a previous boyfriend. I offered to make the tea, coffee and bolted to the kitchen. I was still trembling when my wife walked in. I was hiding behind the argument that we always agreed that she would never bring anyone back to the house. She assured that there could be no gossip from the neighbours since he arrived at a decent hour and that we were both at home, he could be anybody. And besides, she just wanted to introduce us just to see how we got along. Even so, I was deeply embarrassed since it was so obvious why he was here. Jeff was a lot more understanding, when he joined us he suggested that after drinking his coffee he would leave. However, after opening a bottle of wine the conversation became much more relaxed and we returned to the lounge, my wife sitting next to Jeff while I sat opposite. After the second bottle of wine Jeff and I were getting along fine, talking about sport when my wife, perhaps feeling a little bored began to snuggle up against Jeff. Then without any warning, after sharing some whispers, Jeff turned to me and asked it it’s okay for Linda to wank him off? They promised that nothing would happen and once again I nearly bolted for the kitchen but even through my embarrassment I was feeling excited and noticed my erection stirring. Yeah, my fantasies always imagined a nine or ten inch cock but at around seven inches I was still impressed, fascinated, as she unzipped his jeans and began playing with his cock. The conversation now centred on my wife and Jeff while I happily melted into the background until my wife this time, asked, “Would you like to watch me suck his cock?”

I’m sure for my benefit she was putting on a good show, first licking his cock and surprised that she could take his full seven inches into her mouth. I was never vocal when having sex so at the time felt unsure if it was the norm for Jeff or if he also was giving a performance. In fact, now I’m pretty sure, both were very much the exhibitionist and only too happy that I sat and watched, not caring if I ever joined in.

My wife kept glancing across to me, I think perhaps testing for a response but I sat there frozen barely making eye contact until she asked, “Would you like to watch him fuck me?”

Again I just sat there, I think with mixed feelings but she continued, “Would you like to watch a real man fuck me, stretching my cunt with his big cock?” Even when we talked about my fantasy I never heard my wife swear as she did now, I imagined that she may have talked to other men like that and I think it excited me as much as anything else.

But then Jeff answered for me, “Sorry mate, you can stay and watch if you like but I just got to fuck her”. Although it was my fantasy, Jeff had obviously been briefed and I think realising that I was ready he began to taunt me, “She ever tell you that you can never satisfy her? With a small cock like yours no wonder she likes to be fucked by other men”.

I can’t remember everything they said but for the rest of the evening they both continued to humiliate, that I wondered if they enjoyed it as much as myself.

By now they were both standing just a few feet from where I sat, kissing passionately, his hands wandering, undressing her. With her blouse open and wearing no bra, Jeff began fondling her tits until she arched backwards, thrusting her tits forward begging him to suck her nipples. Her jeans and knickers came away at the same time and when she fell back onto the settee she began fingering her clitoris, her legs wide open. We both watched for a little while before Jeff undressed, then claimed that she liked to be teased, running the length of his cock against her pussy until she, demanded, “Fuck this, just fuck me!”

I don’t think she was playing anymore and with a long deep thrust I could see his cock disappear inside her pussy. They held together for a few moments as she let out a soft groan, her body trembling. At first he slowly fucked her while she continued to frantically finger her clitoris and only when she was ready, as ever in command, she ordered him to fuck her hard and fast. When she cum he slowed the pace and I was fascinated thinking they had practised this many times. By now it was if I didn’t exist as they continued to slowly fuck, his fingers, now teasing her clitoris sending spasms through her body that I’m sure she had many orgasms until finally she begged him to cum inside her. Then perhaps remembering my fantasy, she looked across to me and asked, “Would you like to fuck me after, feel his cum inside me?”

With that, Jeff stopped the night and invited me upstairs for a threesome. Instead, he understood and left me alone with my wife. She came straight over and after pulling down my jeans, sat astride my legs, fucking me so that I could feel his cum soaking my cock and balls.

Although we played out that fantasy again, even with a lot more humiliation, it never compared with the first time since it carried much less conviction but I eventually had the courage to try a threesome. I think it helped, that had I met Jeff under other circumstances we would have got along anyway. Once we had met a few times he told me about his fantasies so that I never felt he judged mine. Indeed, they met while he was still married and already knew of her reputation sleeping with other men. She only agreed to meet with him once she learned that he also was an exhibitionist. I loved listening to their stories even though we had agreed that she’d never sleep with married men and, so much for her being discreet.

I would love to hear from other reader's with similar experiences.