Written by la

20 Feb 2006

Alison laid on the bed whilst barry her husband sat bound in the corner, sporting a massive hard on through his boxers.Hold up stockings and a basque were all that cover Alison, a woman I had never said much to during the many years as neighbours. We had won at rugby that day, I had a couple of beers and now I was laying next to a real beauty of a woman! She kisses my neck and just told me to relax, which i tried to do even with barry there. Slowly she worked her way to my chest and stomach...she rested her head there, looked at barry and said , I am going to show you what a real man can do! See this cock, its all mine!! I was growing harder and harder waiting for the first real touch on my cock. I closed my eyes and felt her tongue working its way to my now deep purple tool! Then she was there and she licked for what seemed forever before then taking me into her mouth, slowly sucking at first and then every now and then she would try to take me deep into her throat!This was great...Heaven!! I felt i would not last so i pulled her away,, sat her up and removed her basque, stopping to ask barry if it was ok!! He just nodded!!! She whispered into my ear again.... Barry, i said... your now going to see your wife get totally abused!!! (this is what she wanted me to say) But i was starting to get the jist of how to behave by now! I turned her round opened her legs so barry could see her lovely fully shaven pussy just waiting for me! I played gently with my fingers at first stopping after a while, looked at him and said, she is so wet, and its because i am now going to take her,, Your wife is mine!!!He just nodded and said please please take her now.... Shut the f-ck up!!! i replied. I then buried my tongue inside her sweet tasting pussy and was flicking her clit wildly for all i was worth! I felt her tense as she was about to come, then i buried my finger in her bottom which made her spurt as she came!! She said she wanted my cock NOW and to be honest I really need to fu-k her,,,, It had been a while since I had a fu-k!Alison wanted to go on top, which i had no problems with. I realised as she rode my now bursting cock that she just wanted to look at barry and she kept saying things to him!!!He was rampant as he watched me fu-k his stunning wife! I could not hold back any further and soon shot my sperm deep into my naughty neighbour, as i did she scremed at him,,, I have his seed inside me you loser!!! I was shattered and laid back and just rested, Alison was soon licking me clean and asking if i would stay the night! It would be rude not to, i thought!!! I popped to the toilet a while later and alison asked me to go down and make some drinks, and could i give her 20 minutes to tidy herself up!!! I needed a rest so was fine with that. After a while she called and said to bring the drinks up and she was ready!!! I walked into the room and there she was lying on the bed fu-king herself with her rabbit! I just thought...double penertration.... me and RR. I looked across at barry, and to my shock he had a massive smile on his face and Semen all round his mouth! My Spunk! She had untied him and he cleaned her out while i was downstairs!!! She then tied him back up!! I was shocked at first!!! Then i said, I hope your thirsty barry because by the morning you will drinking lots more!!!! What a night that was! I left in the morning a bit worried about what happens next. It is so strange, Barry just walks up to me every now and then and says hi mate whats new. He is a really nice bloke, which really surprised me because i always thought he was dull,he often comes to the rubgy games with me and we just chat as if it never happened! It hasnt since, but I hope to have his wife soon!And i took my house off the market!!!! I would be mad to sell!!!