Written by ukmaster

21 Jun 2005

I first saw Jennifer in the car park of the local Tescos. She’s around 25yrs old, 5’3” with short auburn hair, pale complexion, average size and one of the cutest arses I’ve seen in ages. What drew my attention to her first was her voice. She’s a Kiwi and she was in the process of lashing into her husband. Once I got closer, I could see how the little summer dress barely covered her arse, the plump tits promising to delight and the perfect makeup. Hubby in comparison looked slightly older, but could just have well been forty with scruffy jeans and a cheap grey t-shirt. He was accepting his verbal humiliation with a resigned acceptance that only the pussy whipped can.

I approached from behind and leant against a car to admire the sight. God, but she could put him down. She stood with her back to me, hands on hips and lashing into him with accusations and insults as he continued to load the car.

Noticing him looking in my direction, she whirled around and glared at me. She looked stunning and my cock began to swell as I watched her viewing me up and down with heaving breasts and flushed face. She asked me what I was doing and I replied that I was stopping to admire the view. She stepped towards me and enquired, “Enjoying the view.” To which I replied, “oh yes, how could I not when your chastising him so publicly. Is that what you planned; to have him squirm whilst everyone watches? You’re definitely dressed for a performance.” Watching closely for her reaction and hoping that I judged her right, I then remember stepping close to her. She stood glaring for a while, but then a small cheeky grin crossed her face before replying, “well watch on.” Deliberately turning her back to me, she continued to verbally humiliate him.

By now, my cock felt like it was bursting at seems. I stepped up behind her and began to caress her arse and back with my hands. I knew that I had a good chance of having my cock embedded in the slut when she pressed back onto my kneading hands. I couldn’t believe how submissive he was being and was beginning to wonder whether this had been pre-arranged as her method of finding a bull.

Reaching around and cupping her breast, before pinching and teasing the nipple. Her torrent of abuse for him had dried up and he stood watching me grope and kneed her flesh. Smiling at him, I demanded that he get in the car and wait for her return. I could see his indecision until she rasped at him to obey. Then taking her by the hand, I led her to my car and instructed her to get in.

Getting into the driving seat, I immediately raised her short skirt, wrenched the gusset of her knickers aside and roughly drove two fingers deep between her pussy folds. Her lips and thighs were slick and I was able to drive in to the knuckles without much resistance. Pumping my fingers hard and deep into her, I lowered my mouth to her tits and softly worked across the soft flesh with kisses and flicking my tongue until reaching her nipples. Then inhaling the nipple into my mouth and rolling it across my teeth and tongue before clamping down. Whilst biting down onto the now sensitive nipples and making her squirm, I deliberately pumped harder into her sopping cunt and spreading the fingers harder. It wasn’t long before she began grinding herself down onto my embedded fingers and gasping that she was about to cum. As her muscles contracted around my slippery hand, I viscously bit down on the area around the nipple. Boy did she squirt.

I whispered into her ear “ You’re a true slut. Having a stranger finger fuck you and feast on your tits as that worthless cuck sits waiting for you.” She merely smiled and asked “Will you fuck me?”

Starting the engine and engaging gear, I deliberately drove around him as he sat meekly in their car; staring out as I grinned in rely and headed towards the nearby industrial estate. Finding the first quiet unit that I could, I parked up, lowered my trousers and guided her mouth down onto my straining cock. She immediately took my length and began work up and down; taking as much down her throat and squeezing the pulsing head before withdrawing to swirl her tongue across the ridge. I can honestly say that she is one of the very best cock suckers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and it wasn’t long before I could feel the tell-tale urging in my balls. Warning her that I was about to cum and expecting her to withdraw, I was pleasantly surprised when the clamped her lips tightly around and became still whilst teasing the small opening with her tongue tip. That started me off and I pumped my hot seed into her expectant mouth. She didn’t miss a drop and continued to tease and nibble on the cock head to keep me hard.

Quickly quiding her into the back of the car and onto all-fours, I spread her thighs and took a few seconds to savour the sight of her gaping cunt lips and how she pushed back and up to afford me the deepest entry. Grabbing her around the hips, I pressed my cock against the slippery opening and then drove in to the root in one single and hard motion. Staying still for a few moments to allow her the feeling of my cock fully embedded before beginning to pump into her. Not wasting time with pleasantries and driving in as deep and hard as I could and wrenching her back onto my cock. As I pumped in to her more and more, she pressed back and began to urge me on, saying how he couldn’t fuck her like this and couldn’t make her cum. We continued to fuck like this until she groaned that she was about to cum. Concentrating as hard as possible, I allowed her to cum around my cock before quickly withdrawing, spreading her arse cheeks wider still and then driving my cock in past her tight puckered arse hole. The sound of her gasping in surprise and claiming that she was about to cum again as I pumped my second load deep in her tight bum hole is one that I’ll remember for a long time.

Only after my cock became flaccid and withdrew from her did I look outside. He husband had followed us and was now standing outside the car with his trousers around his ankles and desperately tugging at his worthless cock. How pathetic he looked.

I now meet Jennifer every two or three weeks. And each time, we try to outdo the last. Next month I plan to take her dogging and force her cuck to watch as I allow a series of lucky guys to fuck her as the slut that she craves – condoms permitting, of course.