Written by Bev

15 Mar 2004

I got back on Friday from a week in Cyprus with a friend of mine. I just recently split from my boyfriend but we had already booked the holiday, so I invited Alley to come with me. She's a bit of a prude really but was the only friend that could get time off work at the last minute.

On our second day there we hired a jeep and drove round the coast. We found a great little beach hidden in a cove. It was a steep climb down a bank to get to it but once there is was heaven. I stripped off totally naked but Alley kept her bikini bottoms on. We swam and tanned all day long without anyone around.

That night we went out drinking and Alley got really drunk, so much so that in the morning she wanted to sleep in late and spend the day round the pool reading. So I jumped into the jeep and went back the little beach in the cove.

I was swimming in the sea when I saw an army jeep pull up next to my hired jeep on top of the cliff. Two guys in army gear got out and were standing looking down at me. I'm no prude and I've been dogging a lot with my ex boyfriend and it really turns me on having guys stand around watching my boyfriend fuck me in the car. He also got turned on seeing me suck others guys cocks but he never let any of them fuck them. ( he does'nt know this but I did go to the dogging place one night on my own when he was working night shift and I got fucked my 2 brothers over the back of my car ).

So I see these army guys on top of the cliff and I get out the water and walk over to where I had stretched out a huge sarong with my towel ontop. I lay on my back facing towards the cliff so I could look up and see the 2 guys. Sure enough, they moved closer to the edge to look at me. I was feeling so horny and decided to give them a bit of a show. I spread my legs open wide, lifted them up and down like I was doing an excercise. I had on my dark sunglasses so I knew thay could not see me looking up at them and they crouched down so just their heads were showing. I guess thinking that if I noticed them I would cover myself up.

It happend pretty fast because the next time I looked up, one one head was visable and then I heard the other guy saying hello. I looked to my right and there he was walking along the beach sand towards me. Rather and scare him off or looked frightened, I just asked him what took him so long, and a fat smile spread over his face. He came and sat down next to me, we made small talk and told me that him and his mate had been watching me doing my excerises and it was dead horny.

I was feeling so horny and just replied I knew they were watching and wondering why is was taking them so long to come join me. His smile grew and with that he stood up and started stripping, asking if was okay and I told him of course. He was totally naked, his hard cock poiting straight up to his face. His mate was now standing up on the cliff looking down at us. The guy lay on my sarong spread on the sand in the 69 position, I turned to face him taking his cock in my mouth and he started eating away at my pussy.

Next I heard his mate ask if I minded if he join in and with that he stripped off naked too.

I had two young army lads naked on the beach with me. They took turns eating my pussy and then I lay on my back and with both of kneeling next to my face took turns to feed me their cocks. I tried as best I could to get them both in my mouth but the one lads cock was so thick.

I so wanted them to fuck me but I had no condoms and when I asked they said they had none on them. I knew that the nearest shops was a good half hour drive away.

We changed positions, me in doggy postion on the beach with one guy under me eating my pussy and the other guy kneeling in front of me so I could suck his cock, and his mates cock who was flat under me. I was being fingered and tounge fucked so good and felt the tide of my orgasm getting close. I was moaning out loud and sucking the guys cock under me. I reased his cock from my mouth and yelled out I was going to cum and he shouted out don't stop sucking my cock, as soon as I went back down on his cock he started shooting his spunk in my mouth. As soon as I had sucked it dry his mate kneeling in front of me shouted he was going to cum and when I lifted my head his spunk hit the side of face and he carried on jerking off cock shooting his spunk. Loads of it landed on his mates cock and balls and after I sucked the last from his cock I licked his mates cock and balls clean.

The three of us went for a swim and was fooling around in the water. At one point I had my legs wrapped round the one guy and the other guy was pushing his cock from behind me. All the while I was thinking if only I had condoms with me I'd love to try being fucked by them both at the same time. I'd done it with my ex-boyfriend and a dildo but never two cocks.

We went back to my sarong on the sand and this time the guy that had been kneeling took up position under me with his mate kneeling between his open legs so I could get at his cock too.

The tounge fucking and fingering was not as good as his mate had given me so it took much much longer before I started to get close to cumming. The guy kneeling had already cum in my mouth and it took quite a lot of hard sucking and jerking at his cock before his mate shit his load.

We swam again and then after they had dried under the sun they left saying they had to get back to camp or they would be in trouble. I agreed with them to meet them the same time, the same place the next day.

I knew it would be a problem though because Alley would not be party to what had just happend and I really didn't want her to bed there with me.

We spend the next morning in the beach across from the hotel and then after lunch I told her was going for a sleep and she went to the hotel pool. As soon as I got to out hotel room and grabbed some condoms and the car keys and drove off the cove. The army jeep was there. When I looked down the cliff to the cove the two guys were swimming in the sea. I stripped off naked and then walked down the cliff, lay out my sarong on the sand and when I turned around they were both walking out the water, cocks in hand, stroking. Only was of them was the same guy from yesterday, he was aged about 25 but with him was a guy that looked 19.

Well after a little chat they were both working on me, eating at my pussy and me sucking their cocks. The guy from the day before reached over to his army pants and pulled out a strip of condoms. I was flat on my back, legs pulled right up so my knees where against and felt his cock slide in slow and deep at first then he speeded it up and was banging in to me good and hard. It was like he doing push-ups with is cock driving in deep and hard each time he thrust down, and all the while I was sucking on the younger mates cock. Then he was told to have a go by his mate and he rolled on a condom and fucked me in the same position with his mate watching. They took turns over and over again to fuck me. I'd have one cock in for about a minute and then he'd pull away and his mate would fuck me. It was the best fucking I had ever had.

I had two explosive orgasms and still they took turns fucking me. Stopping and starting, not wanting to cum so they could fuck me for longer. They had me in spoons position, doggy position, sitting on their cocks and me standing up holding on to the other guy to keep my balance.

I was while I was riding on the one guys cock that I decided I wanted them both. So I stayed sitting in his cock but swung around so my back was to him, lay onto his chest with my legs lifted up, his cock still deep in me, and the younger one started to eat at my pussy while his mates cock fucked me. I told him to fuck me too and I saw his eyes widen and his smile broaden. He stadled over me and started to push his cock against his mates cock and get into my pussy. He had to keep spitting on his cock to get it lubed up and I thought I would never take it but then it went into me. At first it was painful but he was very gentle and his mate under me kept still till I had them both deep in me and they started to fuck me.

I had an orgasm in less than a minute and then another soon after.

Just as I had the second one the younger lad pulled his cock out of me, ripped off the condom and stood over my face showering me with his cum. His mate under me was fucking me really hard and then he shouted out he was about to cum and fucked me even harder till he slowed down and stopped.

I got off his cock and knelt over his chest, kissing him and seeing cum on his neck that his mate had shot there I licked it off.

We went for a long swim together and then lay under the sun getting dry and then they left. They asked me to be there the next day but I had a plane to catch. We exchanged phone numbers and over the weekend I've been getting sexy text messages and last night had phone sex with the younger guy. I'm looking forward to going back to Cyrpus on my own in May.