Written by Dazzagg1

4 Nov 2006

My boss told me there was a delivery early tomorrow morning to an Army camp near Warminster and could I get a m8 to help me an to get there before 7am.. I said sure boss an he said ok Darren I'll get the guys to load yr van. Wen I went into the warehouse there was a young guy called Dave just going into the bogs he always wore tight jeans at work which showed his prick off a treat.I do the same myself nothing like advertising wot yu got I gotta fair sized prick about 6.5ins soft which shows off real good in my white pants an I seen Dave clocking it a few times. I followed him into the bogs and stood next to him while he was having a slash Hi daz he said yu ok m8. sure I said hey dave I got an early delivery to an army camp tomorrow yu wanna help me do it its a real early start 7am..sure he said I'd love too m8.. Good I said I looked over the urinal and saw he had finished pissing and was easing the drops off his cock end.. He saw me looking and started to put his cock back into his jeans..but he also sneaked a look over at my prick I ran my hand down the shaft while he watched an he stopped pushing his prick into his jeans.Yu ok m8 I said too right m8 he said hope yu dont mind me saying but yu got a big fucking dick Daz....I dont get complaints I said laughing bet yu dont he said yu gotta a fair sized todger too m8 how big is it Dave 8inches hard I guess yr right m8 he said but I think yrs beats mine by an inch an inch or 2. I cud feel my prick getting a lazy lob as I stroked it an Dave said jeeze m8 yr pricks getting bigger..Thats cos I was thinking about yu getting hold of it m8..can I he said..sure were m8s aint we if yu wanna play with it its more than ok m8 He reached across an took hold of my prick an I moved my hand over to his an took it off his prick and took hold of it..it was half hard and as I gripped it I felt it growing in my hand..fuck he said this is a big fucking dick yu got m8 ok if I have some fun with it..sure I said Dave its all yrs but not in here m8 1 of the guys might come in here any time..Ok he said wen Daz.. Well I said we both gotta leave early why dont we have a drink tonite ok he said I'll see ya in the local about 7pm.. Ok m8 its a date.. he was still stroking my prick which was fully hard by now..Hey mate yu made my tool real fucking hard gonna have a prob getting the fucker back in my pants..I eased my prick into my pants and pushed it down my left leg.. He looked an said that looks so fucking horny m8 yu gonna let me make it cum later.. too right I said I love cumming my load was hoping yu wud make the fucker cum its load 2 or 3 times.. He laughed an said yr on m8 3 times tonite an maybe a few more times tomorrow if we get the time.. I'll hold yu to that Dave an zipped my pants up.. he put his cock away an made his way to the door.as he opened the door he looked back an said fuck me m8 yr prick looks great in them tight pants cant wait for tonite.. same here I said an started to wash my hands as he went out.. As Dave went out the foreman came in,, his name is Billy and he's a big fuckoff guy but always fair.. He went to the urinal and got his prick out and started to piss..he looked over an said yu ok Daz early start tomoz m8 I turned to him an was surprised to see his stare at my crotch..Daz yu always showing out m8 but I aint never seen yr prick showing out like it is now..yu feeling horny.. I laughed an said yeah Billy I'm always horny..the fucker dont look real m8 specially in those tight white pants. It is m8 I promise.lets have a feel then .. he walked over to me and felt my prick in my pants which was just going off the hard .. It got hard straight away and Billy said fuck Daz ok if I get the fucker out I leaned foward sticking my hips out and said yu go ahead m8 open me up an get hold .. I felt him unzipping my jeans his face was real close to mine so I stuck my tongue out and licked my lips while he looked..Billy smiled and said yr a sexy fucker Daz and yr prick feels good in my hand..he was rubbing his hand up an down the shaft of my prick making it strain against my pants I felt his hand reach inside an take hold of my prick in my boxers.lets get the fucker out yu ok if I toss yu off Daz. sure I said Billy yu do me an I'll do yu.. I reached down and felt his prick straining against his pants and squeezed it real tight Oh he said that feels so fucking good m8...I opened his fly reached inside his pants and pulled his prick out..It was a fair sized cock about 8ins and quite thick a nice handful to wank off..I started wanking him off and felt his hand moving up an down my shaft making my tool so fucking hard....nice 1 Daz m8 toss the fucker nice an hard m8 make my prick cum for ya I can't wait to cum my load..He was wanking me real hard an fast gripping my shaft so tight as he tossed me off. I licked my lips again and he moved his mouth closer an licked his lips..I leant forward an licked his tongue an he opened his mouth so I started to snog him while I wanked him off He pulled back an said I'm gonna cum for ya m8 jeeze this is so fucking sexy I'm gonna cum in a minute I knew I was near to cumming he was wanking me so fast I pushed my lips against his and said yu gonna make me cum too Billy I love yr hand on my prick tossing it off.. His tongue went into my mouth again and I cud feel the spunk shooting outta his cock just as I started to shoot.. Fuck me he said I felt like I wanted to suck on ya prick m8 an feel ya shoot yr load into my mouth..Anytime yu wanna suck on this Billy its all yrs I said..yu mean it Daz sure I said next time we gotta chance wait till all the guys have gone home an we can have a prick session in yr office I'd love to ease my prick into yr mouth an watch ya suck the fucker.. yr on m8 wen yu get back tomorrow I'll fuck everybody off an I can get yu in the office an suck on ya big dick..

to be cont>>>>