Written by dirty old man

3 Aug 2006

At last I think I qualify as a dirty old man, I'm 61, a bit overweight and definatly going bald, My wife is going off sex as she nears her 60th and I get very frustrated, we used to fuck several times a week almost every night, it's now down to once a week. and there is only so much you can do with your hand.

I work in a big office with a mixed crowd of people, and am not as PC as I should be, this amuses the younger women but pisses off some of the women my own age, well one of the young girls she's only nineteen, asked me to look at her car lunch time, because it would not start, she had to get pushed off that morning, I went to the car park with her and her battery was flat, I jump started it and checked the alternator, it was not charging, so she needed a new one, she couldn't afford it, I suggested she brought the car round to mine and I would see if i could fix it for her, I was just being kind as she's so young I didn't think she would let me near her.

We knocked off early and I jumped the car again she followed me home, I went in to change, my wife was out shopping, so she made me a drink while I got into some old clothes that wouldn't spoil, we went out to the garage, where I removed the alternator and took it to bits, I repaired it for her and put it back on the car, got it started and then checked it was charging, she was so pleased she threw her arms round my neck and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue darting inside exploring my mouth, she broke off ,and I said good god girl you need to be carefull, you'll make me come over all un-nesissary, she grinned and said you're to old, I warned her that I was still young enough to teach her a thing or two, she grinned and said go on then.

She put her arms round my neck again and kissed me like before, my cock sprang to attention, as I had an old pair of baggy trousers on it stuck out infront of me, digging into her groin, she grinned and said you weren't kidding were you, she dropped to her knees on the dirty garage floor and pulled my trousers down with my boxers, it sprung out slapping her in thre face, she just gobbled the end into her mouth, I reached down and pulled her top up revealing her pert little tits, the nippled hardening as I fondled her, she was groaning and sucking my cock as well if not better than ever, I could feel my come rising and warned her it was going to come she just continued to suck til I erupted into her mouth, filling it with my hot spunk, she didn't loose a drop, licking me clean.

She was about to pull up my trousers but I lifted her up and sat her on the bonnet of her car, pulling her jeans and skimpy little boy pants down as I did so, she thought I was going to fuck her but I wanted to taste her young pussy, I buried my head between her slender young thighs, and tasted her sweet cunt. it was like nectar, I worked on her clitty and pushing the tip of my tongue into her tight little hole, she was wimpering and sighing as I built her up towards a climax, her hands were holding my head as she pushed her groin forward to get more, then it hit her she shook from head to foot as she climaxed, colapsing on the floor, I lifted her up and held her almost naked body to mine, it was increadable her fit tight young body and my rather old and used so close together, she kissed me again and said god that was good.

I wanted more and slipped my fingers into her pussy, I was a bit apresensive as she didn't respond to start with but soon got going again, and as I worked my fingers into her using my thumb on her clit she wispered in my ear fuck me please, god she didn't need to ask and certainly not so nicely, I bent her over the bonnet of her car and eased my cock into her she was tight, very tight, and she cried out as it stretched her, but she kept working her cunt muscles round my cock so I gently pushed till it was eventually all up her, my balls tight against her soft young skin, giving her time to get used to my cock, I kept tencing my muscles making my cock twitch inside her, she loved it and started to work her self back and forward on my cock, I took her young hips in my hands and started to fuck her long gentle strokes, but pulling almost right out each time and pushing back till my balls were tight against her soft curly pubic hair.

I was in heaven, it was so sweet, and so unexpected, then she said fuck me hard, I didn't need a second invitation, and rammed it up her with all the passion missing from my marraige, I knew I could last because at my age it's rare to get hard again so quickly and ever rarer to come twice in one session, but this was special, and I knew she was going to get a second helping from my old cock, I couldn't remember being so hard it hurt for a long time, but it felt as if she wasn't so tight it would burst, we fuckeed like mad things for about five minutes, then she cried out as she climaxed again, but I just kept fucking her hard and fast, knowing I could last for ages, her knees buckled, and we finished with her on her knees and me still behind her fucking her as hard as I could, she climaxed again, and would have fallen forward if my hands weren't gripped around her hips, she said can we change position it was hurting her knees on the concrete floor.

I pulled out and got my garage creeper, used for getting under cars, laying back with my cock in the air she stood over me and lowered herself onto my cock, guiding it into her now very wet pussy, putting her hands on my chest she started to rock forward and back, her lovely little tits were just begging for attention, my hands took care of that, they were so firm, I had almost forgotten what a young girls tits felt like, heaven, she rode me for some time before she reached another orgasm, it stopped her working so I lifted her up to the tip of my cock and fucked her from underneath, it was so intence I could feel my selF coming, I warned her I was about to come but she said it's OK, then it hit me the best climax I've had for years, she ground down onto me making herself come for the final time, we parted and she sucked my now wilting cock clean, then I did the same for her pretty young pussy, we got dressed, I was a bit embarassed because she was so young, but she kissed me again and said thanks for fixing my car and for every thing else.

She drove off waving as she dissapeared up the road, this all happened five weeks ago, and has been repeated several times, she told her mates at work and I get lots of funny looks from them, she told me last time we met some of her mates wanted to try an dirty old man so the future is looking bright and my hand can take a well earned rest