Written by Jane of the Jungle

21 Feb 2006

A honeymoon in Barbados was just what we needed after the months of preparation and stress of a huge wedding.

My new hubby was looking forward to the diving, and I was dreaming of laying in the sun and working on my tan.

I had always known I loved womens bodies as much as mens, although I was definitely not a lesbian, and over the years I had enjoyed several experiences with likeminded girls. My husband was aware of my needs, and encouraged me to satisfy my other side whenever I had a chance...lucky me!!

We stayed In a fab hotel and I spent mornings sunbathing while hubby went diving with some others he had met at the hotel.

Our evenings were spent in the Hotel bar and nearby local bars, and we soon struck up holiday friendships with some of the divers and their partners.

One such couple were Mike and Sandy, a nice couple from Yorkshire, sandy being 5'8" slim, with short blonde hair and a fab pair of boobies,which as she put it were a present from Mike!!

I made loads of eye contact with Sandy that night, and I was sure she raised her eyebrows at me on more than one occassion.

We arranged to meet for breakfast, and then to go sunbathing the next day, while our blokes went diving, and when we said goodnight, Sandy hugged me and as she did stroked my thigh through my short skirt.

Breakfast came and Sandy sat opposite me, she seemed a little shy at first which I put down to her being slightly tipsy the night before.

Thinking I would try my luck, as we talked and ate, I extended my leg under the table and touched the top of her foot with mine. To my delight she didnt move away, but after a few seconds, slipped her foot out of her flip flop and began to stroke my calf with her foot. "Nice" she asked, I didnt speak, closed my eyes and said "Hmmm". We looked at one another as we ate our breakfast, with Sandy and I using our legs to carress one another under the linen table cloth.

Sandy smiled and asked if I was wearing a Bikini bottom under my sarong, which I did.

She laughed and asked me to take them off!! I giggled and said what are you going to do....she raised her eyebrows and replied "humour me".

I was sat with a window to my back and it was fairly easy to undo the hip clasps that were on my bikini bottoms and allow, removal without too much fuss.

"open your legs for me" ordered Sandy, and by this time I could feel my lips were pouting and I felt very wet, so I was very happy to oblige.

Sandy then proceeded to use her very clever toes to bring me off, at one point she had her big toe on my throbbing clit and the rest of her toes in me, as I opened my legas as wide as was possible. I managed to stifle my orgasm and knew then that breakfast was over and that a morning of Sandy was about to begin.

We soon got to my room and as we fell through the door, sandy turned and kissed me. Sandys tongue darted in and out of my mouth and I could taste the grapefruit she had eaten for breakfast.

"play for me" demanded Sandy, and as she spoke, she unwound my sarong to reveal my very wet pussy and my boobs were soon unleashed for her pleasure.

Sandy took my nipples into her mouth and though they were already hard, with her expert attention they soon were like coat pegs.

I was pushed onto my back and Sandy smiled "play" she whispered, I took no further persuasion to lie back with legs opened wide and with one hand touching my breasts, the other went to work, wanking for Sandy.Sandy was now sat on a chair infront of me, She had removed her skirt and had her hand inside her white cotton pants, which were stained with fresh juice at the front.

We played for one another until we both orgasm'd, and by this time I knew I needed to taste Sandys beautiful pussy, which was smooth and without hair.

Sandy opened her legs as I knelt in front of her, and I was very quickly tasting her sweet juice and fingering her as hard as I was able at the same time.

First 2 fingers then 3 and then all 4 faster and faster until she again climaxed, I was sure I felt her pulsate as she came which was fantastic.

"My go" she smiled and threw me onto my back, "bad girl" she said..."you need a shave"!!.

I had gotten a bikini wax prior to the honeymoon and I guessed that Sandy prefered her woman bald>

" No problem, Ill shave" I said...."Ill do it" said Sandy, "lay back and enjoy".

We went to the bathroom and Sandy stepped into our shower, and I was soon wet and soapy, I carressed her slippery breasts and after we had washed each other Sandy set about shaving me, gently but thouroughly, I was so turned on, and after our shower and shave, we again went into the bedroom, where Sandy made me kneel on all fours, I could feel her tongue and her fingers explore me, deeper and deeper, and then somthing very hard was in me. I pushed back against the solid object, which pulled me apart more and more as it went deeper into me.

I wanted to look but the feeling was too intense and I desperately didnt want Sandy to stop.

Whatever she was fucking me with was just bloody fan-tastic and I seemed to take for ever to reach a very wet climax.

I collapsed onth the bed feeling very satisfied, and when I looked Sandy was now lying beside me and working on herself again with the item that had been in me.

The Hotel had place some very tasteful small sculptures around the room, one of which was a elongated sculpture of a woman, now not only used to be pleasing to the eye!!

I turned Sandy over and returned the favour, until only the base was visible as she ground her pussy lips againts the object.

As she moved I slipped my tounge against her little arsehole and licked for all I was worth, she came again much quicker than I, and we lay there giggling.

We had other mornings and promised to have some fun back in the UK when we got home.

My husband had a great honeymoon diving.......and so did I!!!