Written by Andi - Northwest

1 Jul 2004

About 3 weeks ago I arranged to meet a couple at my local dogging area , we exchanged e-mails and phone numbers and they were both up for some fun .

We met up then i followed them in my car to a more private area i sat in the car for a chat Julie was in her late 30s nice tits , was wearing the sexy stockings and skimpy panties which i love and her fella was Graham who was a stocky man about 40.

He told me he like to give out the orders but Julie was up 4 anything , anyway we left the car and went over to old disused factory quiet and out the way .

Julie couldnt wait to start sucking G cock , she becond me over and was wanking my cock while sucking his then she sucked me , she was slurping very load .

Then Graham ordered her on all fours and while i was getting a gobble he slipped into her fanny from behind , and slipped in no problem he was fucking her hard , i asked for a go he said to finger her arse as i was fucking her cos she loves anal .

By the noises from her Julie was loving it - so i was fingering away at her ring , Graham got under Julie and was licking her pussy as i was fucking her - but he was also gently rubbing my balls .

I pulled my cock out of her cunt and inched my bellend into her arse , Julie helped me by pushing back on my cock once my bellend was in the rest slid in inch by inch then i started fucking her she was loving it , Graham was fucking her mouth her had his hands grabbing her hair has he was mouth fucking her calling her a dirty slut and she was loving it .

I wanted a bit of oral action so we took it in turn to fuck her mouth then Graham wanted to watch me get sucked by his wife he was on his knees and was facinated as she licked and then took my cock in her mouth he asked her was it a nice tasty cock she moaned and nodded then he looked up at me and said can i have a suck .

Well as you all know im not shy when it comes to a bit of man Bi sucking - so i offered my cock to him he slowly licked my japs - eye the just like his wife in popped my bellend then the shaft inch by inch .

Julie could not belive it she was oppenly wanking watching her man giving another man head.

Graham cupped my balls and was sucking my cock i asked him if he was enjoying it he pointed to his cock and it was as hard as a rock - so i told him i wanted a suck so we got into a 69 and sucked away on each others cock - this was for about 5 mins

I stopped and said i was going to come Julie said she wanted it in her face , Graham got next to me we were both wanking , the Grahams cock was twitching and to jets of spunk one on her face and one in her mouth .

Then i got the twitch but Graham got his cock next to Julies face and he took it all , i knew we were going to have fun that night but i didnt think graham was into cock sucking .

We cleaned ourselves up and on our way back to the car Graham told me to phone him for a bit of men anly action ...... Which I did but thats another story .

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