Written by luv21day

2 Sep 2006

On a weekend in Amsterdam I found myself unable to keep up with the drinkers in my group so slipped away from the pack and went and sat in one of the blue movie cinema's for a rest. After about 20 minutes I had recovered and was tired of seing the same old sex scenes. I turned and noticed that some of the guys had retreated to the back of the cinema and were watching something, I got up to see a blackman and a white lady performing for the crowd.Her legs were up on the seat infront as she masturbated with her skirt hitched up to reavel her pussy. The group of men were wanking off as she performed. Her partner stood up and stuck his cock in her mouth. I moved behind the pair and lked over her shoulder her partner gestured towards her top which was still covering her breast I boldly started to roll down her top (she had ushered away the other guys who approached before so I felt privledged. I unzipped my fly and stareted wanking as well. She spoke for the first time in ENGLISH and asked what she should do next, I answered "wank me off", she obliged it was really dirty and amazing. after I was finished she stood up collected a condom moved 2 seats along and sat on a watchers lap her partner nodded, she then gave him a good tme with safe sex and got bolder performing a blow job on one other watcher and wanking off another at the same time. I left at this point as I got a little nervous with all the men clamouring for their turn at least 10 waiting and watching. I regret leaving as I am sure it would of opened my eyes and imagination but certainlygot me curious and teh reason I nowspend timeon the net looking for another experience like that