Written by Brian

24 May 2005

I have often visited Chadkirk Lane looking for some dogging action, despite seeing a few single men and the police there occasionally, have always come away disappointed. That was until Saturday ! I was passing on my way home and decided to drop in and take a look. It was just getting dark and the place was deserted so I parked at the far end by the entrance to the picnic area. Shortly after another car pulled in and parked opposite me. I could just make out a man and woman sat in the front. In the dark I could see them moving around and after about ten minutes they switched on the interior light for a few seconds and then off again. I got out of the car and made my way over to the passenger side of their car where I could now clearly see a couple in their mid 50's - the woman had her blouse wide open revealing a massive set of tits. The guy was fondling her right tit and pulling quite hard on her nipple whilst she was wanking him slowly with her right hand. The guy nodded at me so I moved closer to get a better look - her tits were huge and I was soon sporting a raging hard on in my trousers. A couple of minutes passes then the woman smiled at me and took off her blouse and then opened the window. I looked to the guy for approval and then put my hand in and started to massage her left breast and nipple. By now she was moaning loudly and crudely encouraging us to pull on her nipples and make her cum - my cock was near to bursting. A couple of minutes passed and she let out a huge groan and she reached her first orgasm. She opened the door and turned in her seat putting her feet down on the floor and then placed both my hands on her massive tits and encouraged me to continue. With her right hand she undid my trousers which dropped to the floor and pulled out my hard cock and started to wank me off. In the meantime her husband had got out of the car and was standing next to me wanking himself off while watching her. She started to groaning again and the took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me off. This was too much and I let out a groan as I could feel myself about to shhot - she pulled my cock out of her mouth and wanked me really hard saying " I want your cum all over my fucking tits ". The first shot hit her in thhe face she then pointed my cock toward her tits and wanked me hard as I shot my load all over them - this started her old man off who moved in and emptied his load all over them too. She wanked us both until we were empty and then smiled at me before turning back in her seat and closing the door.The guy mumbled "thanks" went round the car got in and drove off.

I still can't believe it happened but am going back again soon hopefully for a repeat. If you were the couple in the red Mondeo please get in touch if you wold like a repeat - also like to hear from any other couples who might be interested in some fun there - just tell me when - will be there this Sat. !