Written by The Ferret

6 Aug 2006

I had been delivering goods on a door to door to door basis in a southern English town a number of years ago. During that time, I was fortunate to enjoy a number of exciting women who enjoyed the services that I had to offer.

On of the first ones were during the autumn, and I was not so busy, so I had time to do other things, odd jobs. One of the houses I called on, the lady there, Brenda asked me in to help her out.

She was small about 5 ft tall, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, slim build, pert petite breasts, nice legs and best of all she was in the house by herself. The kids were at school, and her husband had left many months ago!

In an upstairs bedroom, she had been having difficulty in getting a light bulb out of the socket and as she got on top of the chair, she wobbled a bit and then said “ hold on to me “ I did, and then she fell down against me onto a single bed. I smelt her hair, and felt her body and it was good. My cock had become hard and as we fell together she must have felt it pressing against her.

One thing leads to another and we ended up kissing each other, I began to remove her clothing, and kissed her exposed breasts. Her nipples became extended, almost like corks from a wine bottle and very sensitive. Brenda’s breathing became heavy and laboured as she became more excited with our lovemaking. Her pussy became so wet, that she gushed all over the bed. By the time that I went down on her, she had completely “wet “the bed.

I then removed my overalls and underwear and proceeded to guide my throbbing cock into her pussy, the feeling was delightful and I drove my cock in and out of her. The first time, I didn’t last long, I was so excited and after we stopped for a breather, she said “God, It’s been a long time “I said well “lets change that again….. Now.

We had shower and then spend the rest of the afternoon shagging on this single bed. The next time, she got on top of me and her rhythm was delightful, as she moved back and forth on top of my erect cock, we lasted a long time, and when I came again, I felt like a volcano blowing my stack. She covered me with her love juice. We fucked again , the the third one was doggy style, and when the kids came home from school we hurridly gott dressed and headed down stairs..

I called on her again, and again. It was great, after a while she got boyfriend and just became good friends