Written by peter in hull

7 Dec 2003

after walking out after a blazing row with my wife , feeling that i had to calm down , i desided i would drive to the coast , bridlington is only 1/2 hour away , i tuerned off the A165 into fraisthorpe, drove down to the beach area ,

feeling totally chilled after 1/2 hour and 3 cigarettes i went for a walk along the cliff top, it was just past 7-00 pm , a great summers evening , i had only walked for about 5 minutes when i saw a couple sat cuddling in the grassed area at the cliff tops ,

as i got nearer to them i noticed that they where more then cuddling , the lady was sat with her back to me , the guy was facing me ,sitting on a car rug ,the lady (sam ) had her legs open whilst she leaning on one elbow and the guy paul had his hands between her open legs busy playing with sams pussy ,

1/2 expecting then to stop as i passed by them i got a surprise , they didnt stop , i walked past slowly looking out the corner of my eyes as i did , sam was receiving a good fingering from paul and her breasts where free , her blue top was around her neck ,

i wilked pass them and stopped about 50 yards pass them , sat on the cliff edge and lit a cigarette,1/2 facing them and feeling my cock begining to grow, i started to rub my cock , after only 2-3 minutes sam and paul stood , adjusted their clothes and started walking towards me,

when they got upto where i was sitting paul said hi then ask if they could trouble me for a cigarette as they had left theirs in their car , sitting down next to me paul started to knead sams breasts through her top , sam sat with her legs to her side whilst i enjoyed watching paul kneading her breasts,

it wasnt long before i was rubbing my cock and watched as paul began stroking sams legs , letting his hands creep up her tanned thighs , the higher his hand went the further sam would raise her top leg , till pauls hand was rubbing sams cunt lips , sam 1/2 sat with her legs open , her eyes closed , paul lifted sams top up ,allowing a view of a beautifull pair of breasts , abourt 34-36 in size ,very erect nipples ,

still rubbing my cock i inched closer , till i was sat right next to sam , leaning forwardand taking her breast into my mouth i began suckling her breast , her nipples where hard and large , paul carried on finger fucking sams cunt , sam was really loving the attention from us both , groaning and moaning gently as we both continued giving her pleasure ,

we continued untill paul paul took his wet fingers from sams wet cunt and he sucked them both clean , instructing sam to go on all fours ,he placed himself behind her and and began rubbing his fingers around sams arse and cunt , i was still yoting with sams nipples and wanking myself as sam took hold of my cock and wanked me ,

paul positioned himself and began to rub his stiff cock along sams arse , sam reached down between her legs and guided pauls cock into her cunt doggy style , paul only allowed an inch or two into sams now dripping waiting cunt , then sam took hold of my own stiff cock and wanked at the same time as sucking my straining knob end ,

paul let his cock slide up into sams wet cunt , causing her to gasp as he did so , paul was banging sams cunt , sam was sucking my cock deep into her mouth and i was kneading sams breasts , tugging and rolling on sams nipples as we all enjoyed the fun ,

i could feel my balls rising and my spunk begin to show , sam must have tasted my pre cum because she gave a knowing hmmmmmmm , thats my boy , and i began to fuck her mouth as i placed my hands around her head and began thrusting my cock down sams throat , making her gag and making her salavate from her mouth , dribbling down onto my knees , i gripped sams head and really started to fuck her mouth until i couldnt wait any longer ,

with one allmighty thrust forward i tried stuffing my erupting cock to the back of her throat but her hand stopped me , sam allowed about 4 inches of my cock inside her mouith when i shot my spunk into her mouth , i could feel my balls tighten as i shot my spunk dribbling from her mouth , over her knuckles and again onto my knees ,god i was in sexual heaven ,

letting her hand release its grip on my now shrinking cock sam turned her attentions to paul , she again reached between her own legs and began rubbing her clitty whilst being banged by paul , who at this time had just seen sams mouth dribbling with my hot spunk , sam laid her head on my upper legs and,gripped hold of my thighs as she felt every thrust from pauls doggy style fucking ,

sam dug her nails into my thighs as she exploded into orgasm with pauls cock, allmost screaming shehad cum , groaning and moaning veryloud she began to shout fuck me paul , make me cum again and again , i need your spunk , give me your cock , harder you cunt , fuck me harder , fuck, fuck me you cunt , really bang my cunt , cumming time after time , hearing the squelching, suction noises, seeing her cum bripping from her cuck with every pulsating cum ,

paul was banging away at sams cunt , his balls now slapping against sams body as he thrust deeper and deeper , until he told sam he was about to cum , then with a deep thrust he took hold of sams thighs , rammed his cock intosams throbbing dripping wet cunt , he shot his spunk into her , as he did sam arched her back , screaming that paul was a great fuck and telling him to fuck her more and more ,

paul gave sams cunt a proper hammering , letting him cock penertrate deeper and deeper as he fucked , untill he rammed into sams cunt so hard that sam gave out a very loud moan and started to shake , one final thrust foirward brough paul and sam to the greatest cun fest that i had ever seen , both of then gyrating their thigh against each other , both cumming together,

then as if by magic they both just stopped , sam as ridged as a board , paul allowing his cock to soak up and enjoy sams throbbing wet cunt , they parted and began kissing each other , sams was feeling her cunt and panting , you could seethe spunk from paulans sams cum juices flooding from sams cunt as she rubbed her now bruised and tenderised cunt ,

we sat for about 10 mins chatting , and tel;ing each other howmuch we had enjoyed the sex session we had just finished , then we walked back to our cars , we exchanged e mail addresses and telephone numbers we are to meet again.

if you are in need of a dogger and are in the east yorkshire area , please feel free to contact me , peter , 40s , in hull , thank you for reading this true story about a little fun which took place in september this year , peterjf23@hotmail.com