Written by Paul Carol

17 Aug 2006

A new manageress, Rebecca had taken over my local pub. She was quite slim with long red curly hair, firm body with a nice pert bum and lovely shaped 34c tits. Over the next few weeks I got chatting to her more and more. Each time getting more intimate.

Then one Friday night it was about to happen. I was out on my own and went to the pub. She was working that night as they were short staffed. There were two other bar staff. The pub was busy as there was a disco on. Anyway I still managed to chat to Becky. The conversation each time was getting raunchier. I knew she wanted to get to grips from the body language. She was flirting big time! She was wearing tight jeans with rips all over them, showing various amount of flesh which was very sexy. Her top was also tight fitting allowing a good eyeful of her firm tits. Each time we talked I could see her nipples harden. They were like Chapel hat pegs!

As the evening grew later and the punters left I left alone with Becky. We stood chatting at the bar. Enough was enough I thought, and I grabbed her and gave her a long passionate kiss, probing her mouth with my tongue. She reciprocated. Our tongues lashing off each other. She was grabbing my arse, squeezing it, groping it. I had one hand around her waste playing with hers and the other inside her top squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples. This kept up for quite a while. Her hands had now moved round to my bulge in my pants. She was massaging me, feeling the outline of my thick stiff cock, running her hand up and down its shaft. I had my hand on her pussy. I could feel the dampness on my fingers. I undid her jeans and pressed my hand down her panties. God, she was wet! My fingers found her love hole easily and entered. Her juices were flowing well. My hand was getting covered with her hot juice. She was moaning all the while. We were still tongue lashing each other. She managed to undo my zip and release my straining cock from its lair! She had tight hold of it as she lowered her mouth around its bulbous purple head. She pushed back its foreskin as she gorged on it. Gagging as she did so, trying to get its full length in her mouth.

She kept on going at it, hardly coming up for air. I wanted to see her get the whole thing in her mouth so I grabbed her head and pulled her from me and walked over to the red velvet pool table at the back of the pub. I lay on the table so she could position herself to allow full penetration. This she did expertly! She was nuzzling right in my hairy pubes, gnawing away at my cock! She was fucking good. I had never had my cock noshed like this! I shouted I was about to unleash my load which only made her chew on it more! She was like a bitch on heat! My cock was aching. I felt as my body stiffened. My toes curling up as my hot thick spunk exploded from my throbbing cock deep into her hot throat. She sucked and licked as every drop left my cock. I was well and truly cleaned up.

She got of me and I kissed her deeply, tasting my spunk. Sensational! I got hold of her jeans and pulled them off, exposing her shaved pussy. It looked so inviting. I went down on her, nibbling at her clit whilst fingering her wet hole. I could feel her clit harden as I did. I found her arsehole with another finger and began to tease. She screamed as I pushed the tip of my finger in, gently at first. I then began to finger fuck both her cunt & arse. She was wriggling all over the table.

My cock had hardened up again with all this activity! I was eager to enter her hot wet cunt. I got hold of her and had her face down on the table. Hands in the middle pockets and legs spread, hanging over the end. This gave the perfect position for entering her pussy. I got hold of my cock and pushed the tip of my helmet into her pussy. Watching as she took it. Her lips folding over as my shaft now began to enter. I slid my length into her in one slow motion. Burying my pubes against her shaved pussy. She gasped as I did. She was shouting for me to fuck her hard and fast! I began pounding my stiff length into her, banging as hard as I could. My ball were slapping off her. She was yelling as I felt her body stiffen and begin to shake. She screamed as she let a huge gush of hot cum shoot over my shaft and run down my balls and legs. I kept banging my shaft hard and deep into her hot pussy until I could hold back no longer. I felt as my shaft thickened as I let the last of my seed empty in her wet cunt. Every drop shooting from my helmet.

I stood there keeping my cock inside her hot hole. She let go of the table. As I withdrew my manhood her our cum juices flowed freely down her legs. She turned over and immediately pushed three fingers deep up her cunt, covering them with cum. She then licked and sucked them clean. I kissed her again wanting to taste us. She tasted fantastic.

Regrettably we never did fuck again, but I did see her but only for a quick snogging session. But that night was certainly a hole pocketed!