Written by Claz

6 Dec 2013

Illicit encounter- from your loving wife?.

Claire wanted Kev to want her like he never had before, build up to a moment in time where loins and bodies joined and the rocked to an immense orgasm like neither of them had ever experienced.

She knew to get him where she wanted him she had to build up to it and all she could think about that morning was his firm cock, stood to attention, rigid like a flag pole. That is all she needed to get her pussy juices flowing and her imagination running wild. Kev would be back from work soon and today was a day for exhibitionism.

Dressed to thrill in thigh high boots, a slinky sheer dressing gown and a smile she was ready to greet him.

When he walked through the door he was greeted with a kiss and a command 'no touching'. Claire had housework to do but she made sure she'd put on a show. Each time she bent down to wipe the floor or reached up to dust she made sure he caught a glimpse of her taut nipple or glimmering bald pussy lip.

On queue there was a knock at the door and with a grin and lick of her lips she went to answer it, kev could see her give the postie a flash and it was all he could do to not watch through the crack in the door strocking his penis. The front door shut with a bang and it brought him back to reality.... grass to cut ready for the bbq that evening.

Out mowing the lawn something caught his eye and he spied Claire, naked now in the spare room window, one leg on the bed, one on the windowsill rubbing her clit and baring her breasts. Fingers going in and out of her delicious hole. Kev couldn't quite believe his eyes and his cock was throbbing, a dribble of pre cum followed. He admired the view and looked around wondering who else was too. He got his cock out through the zip of his jeans and started to play but knew he had to save his full load for her later.

An hour before people were arriving and he needed to help her put some food out. She looked hotter than he'd ever seen her in a mini skirt and tight vest top. 'Taste this dip for me' she said', 'mmmm' he murdered in appreciation. She lifted up her vest top and skirt, smeared it on her tits and pussy lips 'how about now'she purred 'tongue only'. He licked it off as she rubbed his shaft and cupped his balls. It was all building up and both knew they couldn't cum just yet. A cold shower helped.

Guests were arriving and as the evening wore on Claire continued to tease. Thigh on show and cleavage spilling out of her top with each movement. She could see his firm erection through his jeans and whispered in his ear 'meet me round the side in 5'.

As instructed he walked out the back gate and around the side of the houses to where the cars were parked. She was on her knees and he couldn't quite believe his eyes when he saw she was with a couple. The man was wanking in her face and he was fiercely rubbing the other woman's mound. Never in his wildest dreams did kev expect to see this. He had to unzip his jeans before his cock burst through the seams. There was no talking just murmers, moans and grunting in the darkness.

Kev had to join in this fuck fest he crouched down behind Claire and entered her from behind, one hand around her firmly squeezing her massive tit and the other reaching out to the strange woman's Bush. A finger entering her as she gasped for breath legs buckling .

The man in Claire's face forced his cock into her mouth as she gobbled, grinding kev's dick in perfect time. They were all close now and none of them could hold back. The strange woman came with gasping breath, at the same time as Claire did with the most part shattering orgasm she had or perhaps ever will know. Kev grunted releasing a huge amount of cum in to Claire, so much so it was dribbling out down her pussy lips and thighs. The strange man had withdrawn and shot his load with several jolts in to the face of Claire and the stomach of his girlfriend.

As they all straightened up their clothes and dried themselves off from excess love juices from all parties they went their separate ways. The couple towards the alley and Claire and kev through the back gate and into the night.

Perhaps they would meet again one day by chance, or maybe not but none of them ever forgot the memory of that illicit encounter!