Written by naughtymay

30 Aug 2006

My husband & I have always had a really good sex life, but in the last year or so it has really exploded. It started when my husband bought me a couple of sex toys for my birthday & as I used them we would fantasize about sex with another man & I would love having my hubby thrust up my arse whilst a nice big vibro was filling my pussy at the same time. Anyway for about a year these were just fantasies & although my husband had talked about getting another bloke in (or another woman, I think I might like that too)we had never done anything.

Anyway we went off on holiday to tour around Italy on a coach stopping in different hotels most evenings. When we arrived at the 2nd hotel I was really horny & as soon as I got to our room, I pounced on my hubby & we were soon at it. Then there was a knock at the door & my hubby had to go & get the cases from the porter, whilst I quickly covered up. When we resumed sex my hubby said that maybe I should have gone to the door & given the porter a better tip than 5 euro. This really excited me & I orgasmed almost immediately.

So a few days later at the next hotel I decided to bite the bullet & give my hubby what he wanted. So when we reached our next hotel & got to the room, he undressed me done to my thong & we waited. I nearly chickened out half a dozen times & was just hoping the porter wasn't 60. Anyway after what seemed a age the knock on the door came & my hubby pushed me forward as he went into the bathroom. I opened the door to be greeted by a youngish (about 30)Italian guy whose eyes lit up when he saw me. "Thanks can you bring them in." I asked. He looked up & down the corridor & was in with both cases like a shot. I told him we didn't have any change but he could have a little feel if he wanted (something we had rehearsed). He put both of his hands on my tits & a shudder went through my body like electricity. I couldn't believe I had a stranger fondling me & when he put 1 hand down the front of my little thong I lost all abandon & started to kiss him hungrily.

It was then my hubby came out of the bathroom, the porter stopped & looked shocked but I just whispered for him to carry on & that is exactly what. Within minutes I had a cock in each hand & was being kissed & licked wonderfully. My hubby chickened out abit & wouldn't let the porter fuck me but he did let him cum all over my tits which was wonderful.

Sadly this was not to be repeated on our holiday but now I have had it once I just want more.