Written by tracy

8 Sep 2004

Hi all, I wrote the other day telling u all about my slutty experience (more slutty than gemma) after my friend gemme told me bout this site so I wanted to tell u all about last night, me and gemma really enjoy how slutty we can b but wat made last night even better is the how slutty we made some other people become. Names have been changed and only me (tracy) and gemma r real names. The night started wen we were round marys house (also real name, my sister) and we were talking about sum friends mary had made recently. And talked about how mary fancied 1 of the guys bob. So I suggested we invite him round so we called him and he said he would come but wud it b ok if his friends came too, so we said the more the merrier. about half an hour later, they were at the door and mary let them in. 3 guys and 2 girls came in. (ben, scott, rick, linh and Kelly)we al started drinking and the conversation soon got onto sex. We was talking about sex games and linh was telling us of a time she played strip poker so I suggested we play it now, so mary went off got a pack of cards came back and we all sat on the floor in a circle. It started of slowly with most people down to their jeans or skirt and bra except kelly who was already down to jus her knickers. Wen kelly lost again and had to take those off too she sat with her legs crossed to make it harder to see her fanny and scott said wat now? Cos Kelly had nothing else to take off so mary said we wud have to do dares. We all agreed and continued. I felt I little sorry for Kelly being the only completely naked person so I started to lose on purpose, then Kelly lost again and was dared to let rick shave her fanny as she wasn’t shaven already, every1 was cheering as rick somehow took ages to shave her. After he was done kelly said she didn’t want to play any more as only she and I were naked and only she had to do a dare. So ben said lets jus all strip and play dare instead so we all did and played dare. ben had to kiss scotts willy, scott had to knock on the hse down the street naked wait until the door opened and run away. Rick had to wank and cum on the bonnet of a car outside, linh had to put a sooker ball up her fanny completely. Gemma had to put the snooker cue up her as far as it could go wich was about over a foot I think. Mary had to gargle and drink linhs pee. Kelly had to pull her fanny as wide as she could as I sprayed cream right up in her, finger herself so that it would go in deeper then lick it off her fingers. And I had to let gemma put her fist up my arse which took a little whie and hurt abit but somehow felt really good. After we all jus started fucking eack other senseless till about 6 in the morning. Every left wen mary had to go to work at 8 except me and gemma and Ive only jus woken up from it all and wanted to let u all know before I forgot any of it. I’ll b sure to let u know any other slutty happenings as me and gemma have decided to see who can do the most slutty thing.