Written by Chris

27 Mar 2006

After receiving good feedback about my first true account a few weeks time ago, and in response to those who asked for more, here’s an account of the first time my wife and me tried swinging.

Feedback and views are welcome. My wife is 1.60m (5’4”) and 50kgs (slim with big breasts). I’m 1.80m and slim. At the time she was 30 and I was 9 years older, and still am!

We had decided to go to a sex-fair in a big city near here (we live on the continent). To spice it up we did something which might sound daft, but it worked. We role-played that Grace was a writer for Marie Claire and I was the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire UK, over to gather info on the sex scene in Italy. I went out of the house, rang the bell, and was let in. I shook hands and introduced myself, setting the tone for the evening by using what in French would be the formal ‘vous’ form. We talked for a while about work, and then went to get changed, in separate rooms of course. I put on a dark blue suit, blue shirt and dark blue tie, while Grace reappeared in a short-skirted suit with a white blouse, stockings and stiletto heeled sandals.

Of we set, me driving, both of us still speaking formally, which made us strangers. The incredible thing is that we were both nervous about finding ourselves in an erotic situation with a colleague who we’d only just met! We reached Milan and the fair, and went in. It wasn’t very erotic, being full of lads who would have looked more at home at a football match, and there weren’t many girls at all. There were stalls with sex toys, stalls advertising films, and a closed off striptease area, as well as a central raised stage where you could watch other strippers for free. This is what we did first, but it wasn’t very exciting, so in the interests of research I suggested to my colleague that we try the other strip show. I paid, we went in, and found ourselves in a small brightly- lit area with plastic chairs and a central stage. There were ten men sat round the stage, and we joined them. The show started, and the other men were as interested in my colleagues reaction as they were in the strippers. I was in the amazing situation of watching strippers from about 5 feet away next to a colleague I’d met just a couple of hours earlier. As I expected one of the girls did the rounds and my ‘colleague’ watched me tug her nipples and caress her buttocks. After about half an hour we were ready for a change, and we went out into the fair again, where we came across a booth advertising a ‘club privé’ as they’re known here. We got chatting to the guy, in the interests of research of course, and he gave us two free tickets (not bad in itself as you normally pay around 30 quid plus membership). Now this was really erotic; I was about to go with a beautiful stranger to a club where there’d presumably be people having sex. I checked with Grace that she was up for it, still using the formal form of Italian, and she said yes.

The club was about 15 minutes away, and we made the drive with our hearts beating fast. At the address we’d been given there was a brass bell set into a stone wall. We pressed it and the heavy gate swung open. We went down a flight of stone steps to the entrance proper, and went in, presenting our tickets and leaving wallets and handbag in the cloakroom. Inside it was all velvet curtains, vaulted ceilings, rich colours, candles, music, and well-dressed people. If you looked closely at the ladies you could see stockings not tights, diaphanous dresses, very high heels, but not much else that let you know that more or less anything went in this private club.

I went to the bar, got a couple of drinks and rejoined Grace. I asked if she’d like to dance, and we moved onto the dance floor. I still hadn’t touched her, other than for a couple of gentlemanly hands to help her out of the car or to get down the steps in her heels. We danced, looking at the other couples, already having a great time.

We’d seen that there was a labyrinth of corridors and cubicles at the other and of the club, and after an hour or so (both of us dying to go there, in the interests of research of course) Grace said perhaps we should check it out. Off we went.

We found it was quite full of people milling around looking to see what was happening. I gave Grace my hand to reassure her, our first contact, and we slowly moved down the corridor, looking into the cubicles, either through the big peep-holes or through the rope curtains. We saw, for the first time, couple having oral sex, women and men coming and husbands watching their wives with other men. We reached the end of the corridor, and I moved Luisa against the wall next to a lady who was kissing her husband. I kissed Grace, my new colleague and unbuttoned her blouse. The lady watched and then reached over to caress Grace’s breasts through her bra. I undid Grace’s bra, freeing her full breasts and their big aureole and nipples. I offered one breast to the lady while I bent to suck the other. For the first time, my colleague, rapidly becoming my wife again, had two different mouths sucking her nipples, and she pulled our heads hard against her, moaning as she shuddered with her first orgasm.

I was by now gently kneading the other lady’s breast and nipples and her husband suggested we move into a cubicle. We undressed each other, and as others will know, seeing your wife nude in front of others is really something. I was so proud of her! We kissed and stroked each other, all still standing up, and the husband and me brought Grace to her second orgasm, as we stroked her clit and penetrated her pussy with our hands. Sharing her pussy with another man’s finger was a real turn on. The lady and I kissed and she wanked me while I was masturbating her with one hand and Grace with the other. I felt the husband’s cock nuzzling the lady’s pussy from behind. I sat down on the couch behind me and motioned the lady towards me. She leant over and I put my arms round her while her husband penetrated her from behind. While she rocked against me Grace knelt on the floor and started to suck my cock. I loved another woman seeing my wife suck me, and other readers may have felt the same when it’s happened to them.

We’d attracted a bit of an audience by now, and a husband to the right of me was kind of encouraging his rather shy plump and pretty girl to move towards us. I reached out and caressed her breasts through her see-through blouse. Her husband unbuttoned it and uncovered her tits, which I then stroked gently. Suddenly it was all happening at once, the first husband came into his wife as I hugged her with my left arm and sucked the sweet tits of the girl to my right. Grace sucked me harder as she heard the wife go over the edge as her husband came inside her, and my orgasm exploded in Grace’s mouth as she, incredibly, came again without being touched. The four of us where shattered, my knees were shaking, and Grace and me were incredibly happy with how it’d gone. We sat around, the four of us plus the other couple, getting our breath back, chatting, stroking each other; the whole thing was really laid back. The first couple told us we’d live on the interest for ages, and never was a truer word spoken.

Went back to the main club area, danced for a while with the other couples, then said our goodbyes with hugs all round, and went out into the cool night air. After half an hour we were out of the city and onto the dual carriageway towards home. At the first of three traffic lights Grace did something which has stayed burnt onto my retina ever since. She slipped off her black lacy thong, turned round on her seat and then straddled the transmission tunnel with her knees on the edge of the two tront seats. The lights turned to green and I moved off, I the middle lane of three, traffic in all three lanes, even at three in the morning. When I moved into fourth Grace moved her pussy over the gear knob and in one slow move took it inside her until she was resting on the tunnel. I couldn’t believe it! There we were in the middle lane, cars both sides, and my beautiful highly-qualified much-respected wife was fucking herself on my gear stick. I braked and accelerated for around 10 kms, changing the vibrations, until she came, her pussy lips incredibly swollen from being so excited. We turned off the main road, and 200 metres from home stopped in a lay-by for an intense fuck, with me pulling out and coming on her neck and face, marking my territory.

We got into the house and collapsed into bed, more in love than ever. What an evening!

If any readers haven’t yet tried swinging all I can say is do it, if you are a strong couple. The risk isn’t that one of you will go off with someone they meet, but that one of you might be jealous, and that’s why we reckon it’s a game for couples who love each other. We played safely, and would never take health risks. Lots of couples take loads of risks, and we find it incredible, but it is a free world. There also seem t be loads of couples who can’t live without swinging, and that doesn’t seem a great situation either.