Written by Naturist Swingers

20 Apr 2006

I pulled my coat on. It was quite long and went below my knees. All that was visible was my sheer, black seamed stockings and a pair of high-heeled “fuck me” shoes.

Under the coat was another story. I opened my coat and looked in the mirror. My stockings were held up by a black suspender belt with pink trim. My knickers were a pair of black sheer crotchless panties, again with pink trim. When I stood with my legs apart I could see my puffy pussy lips hanging down through the split. The fact that they were sheer also meant that it was obvious that I had shaved my pussy. My bra was a quarter cup style that matched the rest of my underwear – which in fact was all from Agent Provocateur. My nipples poked out over the top of the bra.

I went downstairs to see my husband. He was sitting there in anticipation. We had decided that we were going to try dogging out. We have been pretty adventurous over the years (I might tell you about those in other stories) but had never tried it out.

I opened my coat and gave him a flash. He smiled and told me that I looked gorgeous and that my outfit was perfect.


The idea of trying out dogging had come to us earlier that day. We had borrowed a Renault Espace from some friends for a trip to the local garden centre. After my husband had removed all of the seats from the back of it both of us looked at it and commented that there was a huge amount of space and that there was plenty room to shag in the back.

After we’d been to the garden centre my husband asked me if he should put the seats back in. He was keen on the idea of going dogging and wondered if I was as well. It didn’t take me long to make up my mind and I told him why not – let’s go for it. He said he would phone up our friends and see if we could keep the Espace for the night. He would give them an excuse that we needed it for something else the following morning. He made the phone call and they agreed that we could keep it until the lunchtime the following day.

I was getting wet at the thought of what we were going to get up to later that evening. Sometime after six I went upstairs to get ready. I ran myself a bath and got my husband to come up and shave my pussy for me. I always get incredibly turned on when he does that for me. Usually, as soon as I ‘m out of the bath I want shagged straight away. Having to wait was making me a bit frustrated but the anticipation of what might happen later made it even worse. After my bath I busied myself putting on my make-up and getting ready. I had a couple of glasses of wine while I was doing this just to get relaxed and by the time I was ready I was gagging for it as they say.

Before I went downstairs, I popped some of my favourite toys into a large handbag to take with me. This was when I gave my husband a flash to show him what I was wearing under my coat.

I took off my coat and poured myself another glass of wine. I wanted to get my husband all excited by flaunting myself in front of him with my sexy undies on. I ended up having another two glassfuls and was feeling pretty merry by the time we left to go.

I deliberately flashed a lot of thigh as my husband drove us to the car park. I was careful to keep my top half covered up. You sit up quite high in an Espace and I didn’t want to accidentally expose myself when we were driving through town.

It was a twenty minute drive to the car park and I could fell my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I occasionally reached over and stroked my husband’s crotch, I could feel his cock was rock hard and I was aching to get it inside me.

We drove into the car park and could see that there were another five cars. We parked and turned off the lights. As our eyes adjusted to the lights we could see that there were two guys standing beside a silver hatchback. The interior lights were on in the car but from where we were it was impossible to see what was going on inside of it. We couldn’t really see what the guys standing beside the car were up to either but I imagine they were having a wank.

After about fifteen minutes the silver hatchback started up, turned on its lights and left. As the two guys walked back towards their cars we noticed that the car that was parked closest to us. A red saloon, which was only fifteen feet away from us flashed it’s lights.

My husband and I looked over at it and could see that there was another couple sitting inside. The two guys who had been watching the goings on in the silver hatchback walk over towards the red saloon. They were joined by another guy who got out of the last car that was parked.

My husband and I watched as they approached the red car. They stood beside it – all three of them at the passengers side. We were parked at the drivers’ side of it so they didn’t interrupt our view. The interior light was then turned on. We could see the woman had her dress pushed up around her waist and the man was busy fingering her pussy. She had the seat reclined and from the look on her face was starting to enjoy what was happening to her. Before long her dress had been pulled over her head and she was totally naked as she lay on the seat. The man was still fingering her pussy and had started to suck her tits. The three guys were still on the other side of the car watching so we couldn’t see what they were up to. Playing with themselves no doubt.

The man then opened the drivers’ door and climbed got out of the car. The woman climbed over from her seat and also got out of the car. The man led her by the hand round to the front of the car. She climbed onto the bonnet and spread her legs. The man then buried his face in her pussy. She lay back and started to squeeze her boobs. I could see him unbuckling his trousers and slip them down to his ankles. I don’t think he was wearing any underwear. She moved closer to the edge of the bonnet and I could see him slide him cock inside her. The three watchers moved around for a better view. The man said something to them which I couldn’t hear. The three of them just stood and watched as the couple fucked right in front of them. One of the watchers was wanking his cock furiously. The other two were probably recovering from the show in the silver hatchback. I could see the man was speeding up his strokes and at that point he pulled his cock out of her. He then wanked his cock and in only a few strokes I could see that he was spunking onto her naked body. He shot his load over her tummy and pussy. After he had cum, he pulled up his trousers. He then stood to one side and the watcher who was wanking took his place. The two men said something between them. The watcher continues to wank his cock with it pointing at the woman. She was still on her back on the car bonnet, she was rubbing her pussy. The watcher still wanked his cock but did not penetrate her pussy. He was very close to her as her pussy was right on the edge of the bonnet. I then saw his cum spurt onto her body, joining the spunk that had been deposited earlier. She continued to rub herself and I could tell that she had made herself cum. I watched as she slid down off the bonnet. She used one hand to wipe the cum of her tummy and pussy, she then licked her fingers clean.

After watching the scene which had unfolded in front of us I was desperate for sex. I looked over at my husband and asked him if he was up for it. He nodded his head. I swiveled the passengers’ seat around and removed the coat. I lay down on the load area in the back. I reached over and removed my toys from my bag. My husband was still sitting in the drivers seat but he had swiveled it around so he could see me. I had my feet pointed towards him. I saw him reach up and turn on the interior light.

I lay back and thought – showtime! I reached down to my pussy and felt that it was absolutely soaking. I opened my bag to get my toys out. My husband really enjoys me to play with my toys before he fucks me. I took out a 6” glass dildo and plunged it into my pussy. It slid in with out any bother. I wanked it in and out as I rubbed my clitty. I could feel my clit swell and poke out from under its hood. To tell the truth it wasn’t really doing it for me. I decided that I would get my bigger friend out of the bag. This one is my favourite. It is a very thick twelve inch rubber dildo. When I use it I always get on my knees and position it underneath me. I then lower myself onto it. I parted my pussy lips and eased down onto it. I love the feeling when it stretches my pussy lips. It gets even better when I have taken as much of it as I can. It really gives me that filled up feeling. I was watching it disappear inside me as I squatted onto it. Once I had taken as much of it as I could I looked up at my husband. He had a huge smile on his face – I knew he enjoyed watching me do this. I was distracted by some movement. I looked around and I could see four faces around the windows of the Espace. It was the three watchers and the man from the red car who had just fucked the woman on the bonnet of it.

I eased myself up and removed the crotchless panties – I wanted them to get a better view of my pussy taking the rubber monster. I then got back on my knees and slowly took the big dildo inside myself. I knew they could see me doing this and I was enjoying putting on the show for them. I then started to rub my clitty with one hand. I pulled up on the front of my pussy to make my clitty easer to get to. This is my favourite position for masturbating. It usually doesn’t take me long to make myself cum when I do it like this and this time was no different. I could feel my orgasm building and I rubbed furiously on my clit. I was desperate to cum. It hit me and I groaned and screamed as I came. As I got my breath back I kept my dildo buried in my pussy. After I got my breath back I climbed off it and lay on my back again.

I looked up at the windows and the four men were still there. My husband removed his clothes and joined me on the floor of the Espace. I wanted his cock inside me. I wanted him to spunk inside me with these other men watching. I slid into my pussy easily, especially since it had just been stretched by the biggest dildo in my collection. I sometimes worry about the damage I might be doing to myself with such a big toy but my husband assures me that I still have a pretty tight pussy for a woman who has given birth twice. It must be the exercise classes I take – I like to keep my pelvic floor muscles in shape.

He fucked me for a few minutes and then indicated that he wanted me to flip over so that he could do me doggy style. I got onto all fours and presented my pussy and ass to him. I looked up to see the four faces still at the windows. I felt my husband stuff his cock inside me. He gripped my by the hips and pumped his cock in and out of me. He slowed his pace and started to squeeze and massage my ass. I love this. I knew what he was going to do next – he eased one of his thumbs up my ass. I’m not that big into anal but when I’m really turned on I can be persuaded – usually a small butt plug is enough for me. He continued to fuck me at a slower pace as he pushed his thumb all the way into my ass. I was in the mood for some backdoor fun – I told him that there were some butt plugs in my bag. I felt his thumb come out to be replaced by my middle sized plug. It is about five inches long and three quarters of an inch in diameter. He pushed it all the way in and it made me groan with pleasure. He fucked my pussy for a few more strokes. I was enjoying myself – I had a cock in my pussy and my butt plugged and I was being watched by four other guys. What more could a girl ask for. Well, being a bad girl I did ask for more. I told my husband that I wanted the biggest butt plug in my ass – I wanted to be filled. I know he likes to fuck me when I have the big one in – he can really feel it through the walls of my pussy and it does really tighten up my pussy. This plug is about seven inches long but at its widest point it is an inch thicker than the other one. It really stretches my butt and like I say when I’m in the mood I love it.

He pulled out the first plug and replaced it with the big one. He had to push it slowly in order for me to be able to take it. The dirty bugger kept his cock inside me as he did it – I know he likes the feeling he gets when his cock is inside my pussy and my ass gets invaded by this plug. He pushed it all the way in as far as the stopper at the end. I felt my ass muscles clamp down on it. He grabbed my bay the hips and pounded into me like a jack hammer. I knew that he would not be able to last long at this pace – especially with my pussy tightened up by the plug in my ass. Sure enough, I soon felt his cock begin to twitch as he deposited his cum inside me. He pulled his cock out and I rolled over onto my back. He got up and sat on the drivers’ seat and looked down at me. I could see is cock was covered in my pussy juice. I can imagine what he could se of me. There I was, laying on my back with my legs wide apart, his cum running out of my cunt and a butt plug still stuffed up my ass and four guys watching through the windows.

My husband turned off the interior light – the show was over. He pulled his clothes on. He asked if I was going to get dressed – I told him I was too exhausted. He swiveled the seat around and started up the Espace. He drove home with me laying on the floor, still with my legs apart and my butt plug in place.

There was one further episode on the way home. We had to stop at a set of lights and a lorry pulled up on the passengers’ side of us – you should have seen the look on his face when he looked over to see me in the back. He honked his horn as the lights changed and we drove off.

When we got home I eased the butt plug from my ass and put all my toys into my bag. I didn’t bother getting dressed and had to make a dash for the house. I hope none of the neighbours saw.

The next day my husband went out to put the seats back in the back of the Espace. There was spunk dribbles down the sides and the carpet in the back was also stained with the combination of my pussy juice and my husband’s cum. It took him the rest of the morning to clean it up.

I always smile now when I see Mum’s outside of schools in their people carriers and 4x4’s. I wonder if the reason they have them is because of what you can get up to in the back. Maybe they are all into a little car park fun?

I was seriously trying to talk my husband into getting me a little two-seater sports car but now I think that a people carrier would be far more fun – don’t you.

This was our first adventure in dogging – there have been more and there have been lots of other tales that are there for the telling.