Written by Rob

26 Sep 2005

I've been going out with Susan for about five years and our sex life was in a bit of a rut. She's a very attractive forty year old, size 12 to 14 and it's all in the right places, 36c tits and a nice round bum. We're both submissive by nature and I'd been fantasising about her being fucked by a stranger for some time. I'd been half joking with her for several months about going dogging and told her about the Swinging Heaven web site which was recently recommended in a well know tabloid. We had a weekend trip planned in the West Country and I couldn't believe my ears when she suggested I look on the site for dogging locations in the area. I was online in a shot and quickly found a place fairly close to our hotel.

We duly arrived at the hotel and checked into our room. My heart was in my mouth as I watched her get dressed for the occasion, she looked very horny wearing a black basque with a short skirt covering a white g-string. She put the final touches to her make up using plenty of red lipstick, slipped on some stappy sandals and covered the basque with a matching jacket . We set off and during the journey very little was said. She made no mention of using condoms if the ultimate happened and I was too weak and excited to bring the subject up although I had a pack in my pocket

We duly found the recommended place and pulled into the car park. Two guys were already there standing next to each other chatting under some trees. We stayed sitting in the car not knowing what to do next. Then the two guys started walk over, as they approached the car we got out and their eyes lit up when they saw Susan. They were both in their thirties and introduced themselves as Ben and Jerry! After we exchanged hello's they suggested we might like to go somewhere a bit more secluded. I said OK and they led us through some trees into a clearing scattered with picnic tables. I grew apprehensive when I saw two more men in their 50's already there seated at one of the tables. Ben saw my concern and said ignore them they just like to watch.

Then Jerry took Susan by the hand and led her over to one of the picnic tables. Both of them helped her off with her jacket and layed it on the table. The voyeurs got up from their bench and came over to join us. Ben was standing behind her and without ceremony lifted her skirt up revealing her G-string pulled up tight between her round goose bump covered cheeks, this brought a murmur of appreciation from the two voyeurs. Jerry positioned himself in front of her and started to snog her while squeezing and fondling her bare ass, then Ben dropped her basque straps down over her shoulders and popped out her big tits bringing another murmur from the voyeurs.

Ben was still standing behind her and proceeded to grope her breasts and tweak her nipples, making them stick out hard and erect. Meanwhile Jerry bent down in front of her, pulled her G-string down lifting one ankle at a time to remove it and dropped it onto the bench seat. Jerry stood up and this left my girlfriend standing there sandwiched between the two guys. She looked very horny in her strappy sandals with her skirt pulled up around her waist and her tits hanging out. Jerry got onto his knees, parted her legs and pushed an exploring finger into her fanny. She moaned with pleasure, he withdrew his moist finger, gripped a buttock in each hand and pulled her pussy forward onto his mouth, slowly building up a rhythm using his hands on her arse cheeks to pull her cunt back and forth onto his tongue.

This went on for several minutes until Susan suddenly cried out as she reached an orgasm, her knees turned to jelly and Ben supported from behind under her arms. Once she had recovered Ben let go of her and quickly unbuckled his belt, dropping his jeans and pants in one go, a long thin erect uncircumcised penis sprang out. He grabbed her tits again and started to grind and rub his cock up and down between her arse crack pulling his foreskin back and exposing his pink helmet. This carried on for a few minutes until suddenly Jerry stopped licking her. He stood up and slipped his tracksuit bottoms and pants down, shucking them over his trainers, revealing at least 8" of semi-erect cock with a fat circumcised mushroom tip. He then guided Susan's hand to his penis which she gripped and slowly started wanking him off, quickly bringing him to a porn star size erection of at least 10". Ben let go of her tits and Jerry took one in each hand and started to suck, lick and tease each nipple in turn.

Dusk started to fall and the voyeurs moved in closer, I could clearly see that they had their cocks out and were wanking as they took in the scene. Personally I had mixed emotions watching what was unfolding in front of me, lust, nervousness, submissively standing there with two dominant guys using my girlfriend, I half wanted to stop the action but my cock was rock hard and I stood in the shadows mesmerised and too weak to call a halt.

It was getting darker, one of the voyeur's switched on a torch and focused on the monster cock in Susan's hand, she was wanking up and down the shaft, sometimes stopping her forefinger and thumb just at the base of its glands and squeezing making the helmet swell and then bringing her hand right up over the tip making Jerry moan each time this happened, her hand was covered with precum and his shaft was glistening in the torch light.

Suddenly things reached a new pace, Ben's face was glazed with lust and gripping Susan's hips he pushed her forward towards the bench, meanwhile Jerry sat back onto the table top and guided her head towards his cock, time seemed to stand still, Susan was bent over with her arse sticking up in the air, her torchlit mouth hovering just above Jerry's cock, another torch was switched on focusing on the action behind. Ben was gripping his cock in one hand and parting her cheeks with the other and was just about to penetrate her, I tried to call stop but my mouth was too dry and things had gone too far, in one movement Ben guided his long thin cock right into my girlfriends tight pussy, pulling her hips towards him to gain deep penetration, she let out a loud moan and Jerry took this opportunity to pull her head down onto his stiff cock. In the torchlight I could clearly see her take his fat helmet into her mouth, her right hand started to wank his shaft and she was breathing heavily through her nose. Then Ben pushed Susan forward a bit further and cocked one leg over her hip and rested his foot on the bench seat, at the same time Jerry sat back on the table top and pulled Susan towards him, spreading his legs either side of her head and groping her swinging tits. Ben slowly started to fuck her squeezing her hip with his crooked leg and gripping the other with his hand, meanwhile at the other end Susan's head was bobbing up and down over Jerry's cock, depositing lipstick on his glands and wanking his thick shaft into her mouth, I could see precum and saliva dribbling out of her lips and running down onto his cock and balls.

I moved around to watch the action from behind, one of the voyeurs was already there kneeling down, one hand holding the torch and the other wanking his cock, as I knelt down to join him things speeded up, Ben altered his position and started humping her doggy fashion, leaning forward gripping her shoulders with both hands, pounding his long thin cock into her fanny, the torch was shining on his sweating balls and his glistening shaft as he thrust into her swollen pussy. This was too much for me so I pulled my cock out and started wanking myself, one half of me wanted this to stop but it was out of my control so I just carried on wanking. After a few minutes the action stopped and both men withdrew, I felt relief and disappointment, but just for a few seconds because they where only changing positions.

Susan stayed bent over and prone as they quickly swapped around, both of them running their hands over her body, there was no mention of a condom now and I was too weak and excited to say anything. Ben sat back on the tabletop and pushed his long wet cock into Susan's mouth, she supported herself by resting her elbows on the table either side of his hips. He held her head with both hands sinking her slowly down its shaft, Jerry gripped his big fat cock in one hand and used the other to part her cunt. In one slow movement he entered her deeply, stretching her tight fanny lips over his swollen lipstick covered helmet, sinking half of his length right into her. Susan let out a gasp and tried to pull forward but she was being held firmly by both of them, Jerry murmured "you can take it" and he too cocked his leg over her hip and rested his foot on the bench seat giving us a clear view of her tightly stretched cunt. After a few seconds Susan muscles relaxed and Jerry started to slowly fuck her, his shaft was glistening with their mixed juices, with each thrust he entered her more deeply. When he had gained maximum penetration he held himself there her gripping her hips tightly and probing the entrance to her womb with his glands, they both moaned as she opened up to take him and I could see his arse cheeks clenching as he made almost imperceptible jerking movements exploring her depths.

Meanwhile Ben was guiding her bobbing head with both hands, sometimes making her gag when he pushed her down too far. Jerry took his foot off the seat bench and gripping her hips he pulled her cheeks apart with his thumbs, his face was flushed and he stared down at his cock as he really started to fuck her. Her arse cheeks wobbled as he pounded into her. Jerry released her hips and reached forward cupping a breast in each hand. He fucked her like this for a few minutes and then gave three or four hard thrusts, let out a loud moan and pushed his penis fully inside her as he shot his sperm deeply into her hot wet vagina. Susan came again, letting out a muffled moan as she felt his hot semen flood into her.

Her head was still bobbing up and down over Ben's shaft and we all moved around to get a better view. He released his grip on her head and lent back resting his hands behind him on the tabletop watching her intently as she took his cock in her hand and started to quickly wank the long thin shaft into her mouth licking and sucking his helmet, this was too much for Ben and he too gave three or four hard thrusts with his hips reached over and held her head down with one hand as he spurted come deeply into her mouth. Susan swallowed some of his spunk and the rest came dribbling out of her lips running down his shaft and covering her hand, which was still tightly gripping his cock. This sight was too much for me and I came shooting my sperm into the night air. Then both men grinned at each other and Ben lifted her head off of his cock, and Jerry uncoupled at the same time, they quickly gathered up their clothes and disappeared without a word into the night.

Susan hadn't moved since they left, she stayed bent over the tabletop resting on her elbows breathing heavily. The watchers were standing either side of her still wanking, shining their torches on her puffy well used cunt, Jerry's semen had stated to leak out and drip down her legs. Then as one they put their torches down, stepped in, grabbed an arse cheek each and wanked until they shot their loads over her buttocks, wiping their cocks on her skirt when they had finished coming. They too then zipped up and disappeared unceremoniously into the dark, although one did hand me a tissue before leaving.

When they had left I helped Susan to clean herself up and get dressed. The smell of semen was strong in the evening air. Not much was said during the journey back to the car nor on our way back to the hotel and there was no mention of the unprotected sex. Maybe that's what we both secretly wanted?