Written by Harry_22

13 Feb 2012

The thing that my girl friend never realised was that I knew she shagged around. It did not bother me because I was as well, but I was very sure that she did not know what I was up to!

I always remember one night she came home around midnight to my surprise – she was meant to be staying at a friends that night. I systematically cleared down the browsers on my laptop and tucked my hard on back into my pants. She was seriously pissed and she stumbled into the living room. I tried to ask her about her being home and she just about mumbled how there was a change of plan, something came up, she could not find Ann (her friend). I stood in front of her where she had collapsed onto the sofa. AS her eyes drifted back to focus, she put her hand up to my crotch and giggled as she brushed the hard bulge.

“hmmm, more cock!” she mumbled. My eyes snapped to attention and I looked back at her.

“More cock!?” I repeated and this time it was her who snapped to alertness. Her eyes went wide and she sat up a little, stammering as she did.

“Harry,” she began, but I interrupted her.

“More?” I said again.

She looked me right in the eye and there was a bit of confusion in her, I wondered if she was questioning as to whether she had said it out loud or not.

“You mean you want cock?” I asked, buzzing at the thought of getting in her right there and then.

“Harry....” she said as I tugged down my joggers and let my cock spring upright. I took hold of her ankles and pulled her round to face me, her rag doll body making a lame effort to keep up. Her skirt rode up as I moved her and I could tell her little black knickers were well wet even from that distance. I knelt down, continuing to hold her ankles I kept her legs up. I could smell come already.

“You are wet!” I told her, “I can see...”

“Harry....” she tried again and I carried on ignoring her. I took my gaze from her gusset up her body, over her skinny waist hidden at he moment in the folds of her skirt, her DD tits stood proud as they always do and then her make up smudged face, her eyes wide still behind her glasses.

“Show me it,” I instructed and she looked at me in disbelief.

“But,” she started, but I cut her off.

“Show me your wet pussy, pull your knickers over!”

Slowly she moved her hands down, still not taking her eyes away from mine and we held that gaze until in my periphery I could see the black material move aside. I shifted down slightly, exaggerating my movement, letting her know I was taking in her scent.

“You smell good,” I told her and there was a hint of worry in her eyes now. Still holding her legs high and apart I edged forwards and let my hard helmet rest at her moist lips.

I leant forwards, my cock slipping from its position and I pushed her legs further so that I was inches from her face.

“It's okay,” I whispered and kissed her softly, “I want to.”

“But...” she whispered back, but her sounds became a yelp as I righted myself and pushed my whole length into her. I could hear my own groan over her noise though, she was so wet I pushed in easily and she was so warm too. I got an extra sensation too as I moved in to the hilt, my balls and pubes nestled into her own sodden thatch and I revelled in grinding another man's come between our bodies.

Using my grip on her ankles, I pulled her more to the edge of the sofa and began fucking her hard, she reacted which each thrust with a high moan and she bit her lip slightly. I thrust in deep and then let he legs drop. She jolted a little and I leant in between her legs to kiss her again.

“Fucking you like this is hot!” I told her and she nodded back at me. I kept kissing her and rode my cock and in out of her slowly with my hips.

“So I am not your first tonight?” I asked and she shook her head. I was grinding my cock into her hard and slow, deliberately rubbing on her clit. Her hands slid to her sides and then my waist, she grabbed me and I felt her nails dig slightly into my skin.

“Good girl!” I said approvingly.

“Really?” she breathed

“Oh yeah,” I kissed her again, “I always wanted to be sloppy second!” She giggled and clearly felt more at ease.

“Actually....you're third!” she delivered it very dead pan, but with the most wicked grin she has ever pulled.

“Oh very good girl!” I added and then I could take no more and I felt my cock swell yet more in her.

“Fuck!” I croaked as I pumped my spunk into her.

I felt her clenching around my shaft, “Yeah,” she encouraged, “get it all up there!”

I cried out the last shots of my orgasm and then I slumped onto her. My cock started to soften and the warm jizz around my cock started to shift and run over my balls.

I kissed her deeply and as I came away I said, “hmm, thanks!”

“You dirty boy!” she said lazily as she dropped back to lie on the sofa, “I should have known you would like that!”

“What?” I asked, kneeling next to her and kissing her tits through her top.

“Spunk in my pussy!” she said matter of factly. I smiled at her and we made eye contact again, seemingly with a new understanding. “What say you go down there and then you can show me exactly how much you like it...”

And that was the first time I got to eat jizz straight from a pussy, but it certainly was not the last...