Written by Blueboy

8 Sep 2005

Hi there, this is a story you’ll prolly like, it’s about how I lost my virginity over the winter with one of my mum’s mates who lives across the road from us Leanneled Leanne.

It was one day when my parents had gone away for a couple of nights. I was settling down to an evening of masturbation and cable porn, when the fone went. It was Leanne. Her husband works away for months at a time. And she asked if I wanted to cum over for a drink or a few later. I said yes I luv to, feeling excited even though I knew there was no chance she’d bed me. She told me to come over at nine, this giving me four hours to shower, line my stomach, do my hair and trim certain areas (just on the offchance).

I’ve known Leanne for about six years. She’s just below average height, with shoulder length blonde hair and ice-cold blue eyes. She does a lot of exercise and sport so has a fine body for a 39-year old She works with my mum but about three years ago moved in across the road, so ever since then my family and her and her husband have socialised a lot. I’ve also always fancied the cunt off her, having made her the subject of many a teenage fantasy. And what’s more, she’s always delighted in making me the subject of some light flirtation and teasing.

I knocked on her door at 9.05, feeling pretty good looking & up for whatever was to cum. Leanne answered the door – looking stunning, in a low blue lacy top and dark blue jeans, which showed her gorgeous arse to knee-weakening effect. She had her light blonde hair down, and I could see the straps of the blue lace bra she was wearing. She invited me in, and told me to go thru to the living room and to put sum music on while she got us both a drink. When Leanne came back in, she sat on the same two-seater sofa as me, smiling and looking into my eyes. The room had double glass doors, which faced us, so we could see out into the romantiLeannely lit garden.

After an hour or so’s drinking and chatting, our conversation turned onto the relationships of the various ppl whom we both knew.

“Of course I haven’t had any sex for three months!” Leanne said.

“Haa, ur lucky, I’ve not had any sex for the last 17 years!” I replied light-heartedly.

“Heehe, that surprises me, good looking boy like you” Leanne said “Umm, are u up for sum fun? I stays within these four walls ok, but I’d quite like to play with a young innocent boy like you…..”

“Yeh” I stammered “I’d luv to”

We freed up instantly, talking about sex, fantasies and Leanne’s previous sexual partners. We kisses, teased each other and chatted for about 40 minutes. I was lying on the sofa with Leanne kneeling over me, kissing me teasingly. I wanted to try and move things on a bit.

“So... ummm... shall we go upstairs?” I hesitantly suggested.

“Mmmm….” Came Leanne “If we did that you’d cum very fast” she said, followed by a harsh laugh “So I think we ought to Leannem things down a bit first, to give u half a chance…”

“How do you mean..”

“Come up in five minutes, ok?” Leanne replied eyeing me slyly.

So I sat there for five minutes, checking my boxers were straight etc. Then I went up her stairs, normal stairs to most, but to me they were the stairway to heaven….

I walked into her room…. it was dimly lit by candles on black, wrought iron stands around the room. Leanne was kneeling up on the bed (just like my fav pic of Keeley Hazell, like this was doing anything to Leannem me down!!!!) in just her blue lace underwear. She had her thumbs resting in the elastic of her panties. My knees went weak, my mind span and my cock trebled in length instantly. Leanne noticed, and smiled.

“Go on, get down to ur boxers” she said with a free smile, as she lay back on the bed, pushing her right thumb down against her panties, showing that she was clean-shaven.

I obliged and got up onto the bed with her. After a bit of kissing and cock-caressing, she pushed me gently back.

“You’re a virgin then… so I assume you’ve never gone down on a lady either/”

“Umm no” I said with an excited smile.

“Go on then…” Leanne said, almost challengingly. I said nothing more, but as she eased her panties off, I began licking her thighs and proceeded to give what, as a result of reading internet and magazine articles, I believed to be good oral. I don’t know how or quite what I did, but it seemed to work, and after a tongue-knackering 15 minutes, Leanne began to moan and say my name, so I asked if she wanted me to go on and enter her.

“NO!” she said between her breathless gasps “CARRY ON…”

Part two cumming soon……