Written by andy

13 Jun 2006

this happened to me last summer, Before this happened i had messed around one evening with a mate and swallowed his load which tasted great! which was fun but decided that i preffered women.

I was doing a bit of shopping and got really horny so popped into the public toilets for a good wank and as i walked in this guy looked at me and i thought nothing of it but he was checking me out, i was wanking for some time when i noticed a hole in the door at about the hight of my cock, so looked throught it and saw this guy looking at, i couldnt believe i was being watched, he had to dissapear as someone walked into the toilets, then i decided if he looked through again i would let him in, which he did, so i unlocked the door and in he came, i was so nervous, he dropped to his knees and started to suck me off, but i was so nervous i didnt really enjoy it and he was really rough with my cock which i wasnt so keen on, so i left, i wish i had tasted his cock and had him cum in my mouth, i got off on the naughty/dirty fact afterwards which was great. I still wank over it every now and again!