Written by jay

30 Nov 2006

A few years ago i used to work with my uncle fitting windows, always out in all weather but the best was summer time. We got to the new job & the guy that owned the house said he was off to work, but his wife was in. We started by ripping the doors out & putting the new ones in, the wife asked if we wanted a drink. My uncle said no as he had to go & get some bits, i had a coffee & started to take the windows out.

I was up stairs when the wife came into her bedroom to get changed & started to strip off, she forgot i was there & i got to see her arse in her thong, she turned round & saw me looking. She said do you like me arse then, all i did was walk over & grab hold of her arse, she nearly jumped out of her skin. She stood there and let me carry on feeling her, i ran my hands round to the front & started to feel her cunt through her thong. She opened her legs & i slipped two fingers up her cunt, she was wet.

She reached back & took my cock out & started to wank me, i pulled her thong down her legs & bent her over & shoved my cock up her wet pussy. As soon as i entered her she came over my cock, i banged her like mad for about 5mins before i shot me spunk up her pussy, just in time as my uncle was back. She got ready & went out for the day.

We turned up the next day & the wife was at home with her daughter. Between us we ended up fucking the both of them over the next few days, but that is another story to tell at a later date.