Written by Paul_j

26 Jun 2006

In the last episode thing had got very hot between Claire and I. The floor, fingers, fruit and even cutlery were in full use.

She swallowed and quietly said “Strawberries and creame, my favourite”. Nothing mattered now, nothing as a climax beckoned the rest of the world disappeared. I felt like a dog, and then decided to act like one and cocked my leg in a twisting motion over her head and into a perfect 69. Down came my knickers and down I went into her wet cravass. I gasped as her face hit my bald pubic mound and her tongue supported by more fingers than I could count worked on my honey pot.

I went for her crack and her tits, squeezing and pulling the nipples until I felt her nose bang me hard on the clit. Everything was spinning. The sherry the fire, the orgy opposite, the fruit she had sucked out of me and most of all the tsunami of a climax I could feel rushing inexorably towards my fanny. He knees were clenching my head and her hand periodically pressing my face deeper. She lifted he arse and convulsed at the same time with waves of twitching and shrieks of delight and disbelief. I too was close…so close and……

Yes….yes …..yes oh my god am I going to live…..I did not care that my fingers had cramp, my tongue ached and my head was being crushed in a vice. I screamed into the cavern of her cunt as I came, and came and came. We rolled over and over, locked together for what seamed like an eternity and grasdually despite my best efforts, the world gradually came into focus. Claired hugged me tightly to say “That was fantastic” yet I was aware of another familiar noise behind her…..what was that??? Rain???

No it was applause! Amaxing that the music had chosen the moment, but no, CD had finished, there were whisles too. Oh my god, oh no, we had forgotten to close the curtains and as Clair and I looked up we saw our appreciative audience on the opposite balcony. We had accidentally returned the favour. So we stood up and bowed, letting out tits dangle for a few seconds before returning to normal.

The gardner, as we had come to know him was particularly good at those two fingered wolf whistles. It was not that that surprised me but the frantic beckoning that accompanied it. He nudged the others and before long they were all beckoning but I did not know them from Adam, but did I care ? NO.

We bowed again and closed the curtains then broke into spontaneous laughter and a spontaneous hug. “Are you ashamed?” I asked Claire apprehensively, “No bloody chance” she said confidently “I am not prone to swear but that was fucking fantastic”. We busied ourselves clearing the table and sorting out the mess, but everything I did reminded me of the last 20minutes. I collected up the cutlery, including THE knife. She picked up the fruit, and ate another strawberry. I picked up Johns photo, threw him and the glass in the bin, but kept the frame…..well it was a nice one!

There was no doubt that I was tired from our exertions but very happy. Happy with the climax and happy that my friendship with Clair appeared to be undamaged by our intimate contact. Everything that was said and done reassured me that we were both at peace with what had happened, but whether it was a one off or the start of a longer relationship remained to be seen.

We got up from the floor and managed to find all of our clothes, duly putting them back on. For my part I was hoping that they would not stay on for long as the evening was young and I was on a roll.

Washing up together we managed to link fingers under the soap suds, prompting me to ask “Are you les?” “No” said Claire”I am not and never have been I am just open minded and lonely”. “Good me too” said I “Those relationships can be just as difficult as hetro. I love men and what they can do, but they do not all understand womens bodies and can be very selfish”. Claire replied “You are telling me” with a tone that was accompanied by real empathy.

“Shall we take up the invite?” “Why not, the evening is young, there is nothing on the box. I am on a roll, on the pill and still randy”.

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