Written by A horney wife

5 Dec 2006

I'am 38 YR OLD WOMAN WHO IS 5'11 AND A 145LBS WITH A 38B BREAST, i have always fantasized about an orgy but never had what it takes to go through with it , and my ass has never been penetrated, I have been with my lovely husband for 27 yrs high school sweet hearts , for the last year i have been secreatly masturbating to my husband and his friends while they shower in the pool house , you see i told my husband you can see into the shower room from our bedroom but he never fixed the proablen he claims no one is ever in our room to know so why put the money into new windows , one night i was telling him i was kinda getting off watching them shower off after they were done swimming and he said Really then why don't you let me and the guys fuck your little tight pussy all at the same time , i was shocked and told him only in his dreams and smacked his face for even suggesting that ,after all he is the only guy i ever had sex with,well one night he was showering with the guys getting ready to swim it was around midnight, and i was hot and horney masturbating to all the cocks i was seeing , his buddys were there Pete, Paul , John and mark , i climaxed moaning and groaning call out there names pretending each of them were treating me like a whore , my nipples were tender and my ass was puckering as i shivered to a orgasim twice , so i decided to pay a visit to the pool house , i walked in on them as they were putting on their swim trunks and they were all surprised there i stood all naked with a dripping pussy breathing slightly heavy , my husband was shocked as i said lets get to treating me like a whore gentle men use me as your pice of ass, they all stood as my husband said lets do it guys !! Five huge cocks all for me i was scared but yet all tingly inside as pete took his 11'' cock and placed it in my hand, i started to jerk him slowely then mark got on his knees and started to lick my ass hole wow what a major turn on , Paul was quick to start fingering my dripping pussy, so john came up to me and i started to rub his 9'' cock and jerk him as well my husband stood on the ledge and was jabbing his monster cock in and out of my mouth , i must of cum shortly after as he blew a massive wad into my mouth making me swallow it so i knelt down and took the other two back and forth untill they blew into my mouth , then all of a sudden mark shoved his 8'' cock up my ass i screamed but then suddenly started to relax and enjoy it paul layed on the floor and i climbed on hims ridding his cock and mark re entered my ass i had the most intense orgasm ever they filled my ass and cunt up with all there sperm as i was sucking the others off again , my pussy was sore and all red my ass was dripping with sperm as each guy rotated spots and began all over they sucked my titties till they were tender to the touch and i swallowed cock so much untill i was horse i must of swallowed a good cup and a half that night we fucked for a good 5 hours , pet and paul layed in a scisor style to where their cocks were next to each other and had me ride them together two massive cocks in my pussy at the same time then my husband pounded my ass from behind untill i blew a massive orgasm with the three of them in me as john was shoving his cock in and out of my mouth again ,mark was blowing his wad in my face as he was jerking off , needless to say the next day my husband said he never saw it in me and wanted to know when the next performance could be he said pete and john want to do it with their wifes as well i told him go for it my pussy was too tender for a round two so now each of them have done it with their wives once what did i start? well maybe us ladies will hook up for a ladies orgie only its been mentioned and the shower window has never been fixed and i still get the vibrator out from time to time maybe in a few days i'll suprise the guys again with one of their wifes needless to say my pussy was sore for a good two wks and my husband has been begging for it to happen again