Written by a..&..w

22 Jun 2004

my fiend kept looking at me in an odd way, all night she kept following me so i asked her what the matter was she just came striaght out with it, "i would love to suck your nipples and get my tounge into your wet pussy", as a joke i said"go on then suck them" she started to undress me by then i was getting really horny, she put her soft lips arround my nipple and started to suck them, her hand went down my pants i could feel her fingers deep inside me, rubbing against my clit,sat in a room where everyone was watching us i looked arround and saw other people taking their clothes off she told me to relax the next thing i new i had three people all over me licking my wet pussy sucking on my hard pert nipples, i was turned over to sit on one man he put his hard cock in me,another put his cock up my arse hole,she got another man to stick his cock in my mouth so i started to suck it,she watched us at it then another two men came over cock in hands they pulled me of the other men, laid me down next to my friend we had hands all over us,fingers and cocks going in and out our wet pussy's first one then another, at this time we must have had at least 8 men with us, it was as if everyone wanted to stick their cocks in us, we lay there and let it happen,then all of a sudden all we could feel was hot spunk covering our bodies hands rubbing it in our soft skin........we got dressed walked away saying "same time next week boys, bring more men".................