Written by Goodfilla

7 Feb 2004

I posted a story back in september about getting it on with my girlfriends mum well 6 months on and i have since split from my girlfriend and we are now in the process of talking about getting back together again.

Well we have been seeing each other for about a month now and the first break through came when her and her mum were invited to my house by my mum to attend a candle party which my mum often holds. Well the day of the party came and i was anxious to see both my ex and her mum. When they arrived i think i actually nearly spunked in my pants cos although my ex is lovely in body and in mind, i have always had an infatuation with her mum having fucked her twice before and her being the first person i have ever fucked up the ass.

Anyway, as they walked in my ex kissed me on passing me, as did her mum. my ex waked into the front room and i stood there chatting to her mum , the basic stuff having not seen someone in a while you know, like hows things, what you been upto, your looking good, etc etc.

Anyway, i went into my room as my mum had her party thing in the front room, at about 10pm i got a knock on my bedroom door and my ex popped her head into the door telling me that all the girls were going to the pub at the end of the road and that she would text me later and see me the next day, i walked into the front room and said goodbye to everybody including the ex mum. I watched out the window of my room as all the girls started to walk down the road.

About 10.30pm i heard the door bell go, so i put a dressing gown on and went to answer the door - it was the ex's mum and she said she couldnt hold it any longer and had to see me agin, she said she had told the ex that she was going to the bank to get some money out so she could sneak to mine for a session i reckon.

She walked in and i asked if she wanted a coffee, to which she said "screw the coffee, i want your cock in my mouth" i thought "bloody hell" so she grabbed my hand and took me up to my room, we opened the door and literally as soon as we were in we were kissing like there was no tomorrow. We started to undress each other, didnt take her long to undress me being that i only had a dressing gown on, as i took off her blouse i noticed that her tits looked as though she had gone up in size, and made a point of saying it to her to which she said "well put your cock in between them then", i pushed her on the bed and climbed on top of her and started to fuck her tits, as i felt the jizz coming, i pulled out and stood next to her on the bed and jizzed all over her face, She sucked it completely dry and spun round on the bed facing me then she layed back, i pulled her hips up and started to lick her out, after about ten minutes of listening to her groaning, i stood up and thrusted my cock into her, we went at it for about 10 mins when we rolled over on the bed and she was riding my cock, i tell ya, the tits on this woman bouncing around on top of me is enough to make any man jizz in sceconds but i managed to hold it in for a little while longer, then just as i thought i had contained it, it shot out and what a feeling it was, sex with this woman was amazing. She got dressed, kissed me and asked if we still kept it a secret and i said "well promise me we wil do it again and i will" to which she replied " keep your mouth shut and i will see ya thursday" so expect another installment on friday people.