Written by Naughty Neighbour

5 Sep 2005

I used to have an old lady in her late 50's called Dorothy who lived next door and she was always asking me to do favours like put a shelf up or mow the lawn and in return she used to spoil me by baking cakes or having me round for sunday dinner and after a couple of glasses of wine she used to be a big flirt(she was a big woman all tits and arse)and I sometimes found myself imagining her standing in front of me naked and it caused my cock to harden whenever I did.One time I excused myself to go to the toilet and I noticed her bedroom door was wide open and on the bed was several items of lingerie and ther was a pair of red silk panties on the floor and on closer inspection I saw they were soaking wet and smelt of pussy so I slipped them into my pocket and went into the bathroom where I started to wank my hard cock up and down the material until I emptied my spunk on top of the damp patch and I had a piss then took the panties back to her room and placed them where I had found them and went downstairs to join my hostess who was now drunk and she patted the sofa for me to join her and she then planted a kiss on my lips as he large breasts pressed against my chest I kissed her back and our tongues played with each other as I moved my hand down her leg and she parted and allowed me to shockingly find a naked pussy that was wet n moist and I started to finger fuck her slowly at first then harder and I managed to lift the dress over her head to see her massive tits bursting to be freed and when she unclipped her bra they sprung free and I banged them together as she moaned and groaned and urged me to take her and she was soon on all fours with her large arse in the air and I rubbed my helmet up n down her crack pussy and pumped her harder than ever before and my balls banged against her arse until I emptied my balls into her unused pussy.The first time with her was awesome and I went round everyday and either fucked her or had her blow my cock until she died aged 63.I still remember now even after all these years but it makes me hunt out more older pussy and I always never refuse when it is put on a plate.