Written by mortal

4 Aug 2006

last year, my good friend jane and i, decided to go for a drive and find a nice spot to get intimate with each other .

jane is 40, size 16, 40e tits, neatly shaven, blonde hair, lovely long legs and very sexy. we drove to the south side of glasgow, and managed to find,what we thought, was a nice quiet spot on a country road between cathkin and east kilbride.

it was about one in the morning and was a fine night.we got into the back of the car and got down to some serious petting and snogging. jane was wearing a pink mini skirt with no knickers, and a small top which i lifted over her braless tits. she was groping my cock through my trousers and i was sucking her big nipples and fingering her now soaking fanny.both of us were getting really worked up.

after about ten mins i happened to look up and saw a male standing next to the car. I was shocked and a little worried,but he was just standing there watching.I saw that his car was parked a short distance away and was sure i could see another person in the passenger seat.

i became very excited at what was happening but knew that jane would probably freak out if she noticed. I kissed her on the mouth still with my fingers in her cunt and said to her " I don't want you to worry, but there's a guy standing next to the car having a real good time watching us ". well , she freaked out, sat up and saying "we need to get out of here, what if he's a nutcase". I tried to calm her but it was no good .the guy backed off and went back to his car. i clambered into the drivers seat and drove off. I was still really horny and even more turned on now, knowing we had been watched.

i calmed jane down and she realised that the guy was just getting off watching us . we parked up again in another secluded back road in a little lay by, and we got into the back for round 2. it took a few mins to get her going again, but soon her skirt was up at her waist, her top over her huge tits and my trousers round my ankles, my thick 8 incher was getting sucked nice and slowly by jane.

i was fingering her cunt ,pumping my fingers in and out ,while my other hand teased her nipples.

then i saw the other car again pull in slowly about 20 yards away, headlights off . there was definatly 2 people in the car and one was a woman. the guy got out quietly and again walked up to my car. leaned right down and watched as janes lips went up and down my cock. I whispered to jane that the guy was back at the window.this time she just said "fuck it, i'm to far gone to care now".

she looked up at him and smiled the she on top of me and slid her cunt onto my rock hard cock.the guy was now getting the perfect view of janes arsehole and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy.he was gently rubbing his cock through his trousers and occassionaly went back to his car to speak to the female, but she never got out at any time ,which dissapointed me .both of us were hornier than we'd been for a long long time .jane was now really into showing off. however before we could finish our show the guy got back in his car and drove off...a bit disappointed we wondered what to do next , both of us were buzzing, so after a short discussion we went back to the first location where we were soon joined by another male who was eventually sucked off by jane as i rode her doggy style in the back seat.when i saw his cum drible from janes mouth i shot my load over her asre and back ....we said our goodbyes to the guy who was very pleased he had met us and i dropped jane home . since then we have had a few other occassions in cathkin and things progressed quite far some of the times, including 3'somes and 4'somes and a gang bang.I'll write some more of our adventures soon . hope you enjoyed this one for starters and hopefully the persons mentioned in this story recognise themselves, if they use this site.......