Written by peter

21 Mar 2006

you may have read my gloryhole adventures

over the years, perhaps they should have been called the sucking seventies, i found many gloryholes

the best was again in kent, but in a small town along the coast, the hole was big enough to get a big cock through, the partition thin enough not to lose too much of the length of the cock

there was only two cubicles but because the toilet was off the beaten track it was certain that you would get cocks to suck!

i got there one wednesday at about two, both doors were closed, so i waited outside, as it was a quiet area, you could hear some sucking noises, so you knew the cubicles were active, i felt my cock swell until it was hard

another chap came into the toilet, went to the urinal and took his cock out, soon it was obvious that he was gently wanking it, he turned and smiled, so i went over to the urinal to look at his cock.

well it was quite a nice size but thicker than normal, i put my hand around it, squezzed it and gently rubbed it.

daringly i lowered my mouth onto his cock and started to lick it, lovely, it was lovely, i put him in my mouth, it stretched my mouth more than ever, this was good

we heard one of the cubicles opening, i straightened up and went into the empty cubicle, the chap in the other cubicle was wanking his cock, it was big and shiny and by the look of it, it was ready to shoot spunk

i fingered the hole and he slowly pushed through, i immediately stuck it into my mouth and began to suck him hard, his cock was throbbing and touching the roof of my mouth, i knew that spunk would soon be in my mouth, i was not wrong!!

strong jets of spunk flooded in, i swallowed and took it all, he grunted as he came and pushed harder through the hole, this was great

as he left he held the door open and another chap came in, it was the chap from the urinal!

he just managed to get his cock through the hole, i smeared spit all over it and worked his cock with my hand, his breathing got heavier and heavier, then i gently started to lick him, from the base to the top, up and down, up and down, then i filled my mouth with spit and thrust my mouth over and down his cock as far as i could, i did it again and again.

i went back to sucking it, licking it up and down, then sucking, sucking,sucking

his cock seemed to be twice the size now and much, much harder

as i sucked i sensed that he was near, i wanted his spunk, all of it!

i gently wanked his cock with my left hand and kept the top half of his cock in my mouth and swirled my tounge around it and nibbled his knob end

then it happened

a thrust, a harder thrust then a final thrust, then a bolt of spunk shot into my mouth, i took it out of my mouth and saw the next blob shooting towards me, i caught in on my face and stuffed his cock back into my mouth to get the rest

i kept nibbling his cock until it softened, he withdrew, i heard a whisper which may have been a thank you, then he left

i was shattered, my cock was hard, so i started to wank, a chap went into the next cubicle and offered but i just wanked and shot my spunk all over the floor.

i was exhaustered, so i left and went home