Written by Jen and Jack

8 Nov 2005

Well I never thought I'd be writing a story about my sexual exploits on a swingers web site, but here goes.

Me and Jack have been married for 6 years and like most couples we enjoy our sex life whenever we get the chance, but what with 3 young children and hectic jobs we don't get to shag as often as we would like. We have been fantasising about sex with one or more other guys for years now and I have always been really turned on by the prospect but never found the courage, until now to do it!

Well Jack took me out for my birthday in September to this very trendy bar in the west end and had booked a romantic break in a swish hotel for afters. I quickly got drunk on fine wine early on in the evening and Jack started to tease me by touching me up under the table. He pointed out a group of well dressed but young guys on the next table and it was clear that they had seen Jack with his hand up my skirt. Initially I was horrified and shot jack a filthy look. One of the guys noticed and had the confidence to come across to our table to apologise for looking at us but said he could'nt help himself as he thought I was very sexy! I was so flattered I was happy and excited when he offered to buy us a drink. Jack invited him and his 3 mates to join us and they bought a magnum of champange to celebrate my birthday. I felt really sexy surrounded by these hunky guys and the conversation eventually turned to sex!

Jack had hi hand in my knickers by now and I could see the guys watching him. I was really wet and excited when Jack suddenly suggested that I take the boys to the loo in order to choose one to take baclk to our hotel for a 3some. I must have been really pissed by then as i agreed to go to the loo with them. When we got there it was pretty full so they dragged me into the larger disabled toilet instead. We were all giigling and flirting and I tiold them to get their dicks out so I could pick the largest one!

I was suddenly surrounded by 4 lovely hard young cocks and happily obliged when they asked me to stiffen them up with a suck! I felt so sexy watching 4 horny young guys all eager for me to suck their cocks. I let Danny pull my knickers down to my knees and stick it in my wet cunt - oh I have never felt anything like it before, a hard young cock in my cunt, another in my mouth and 2 more waiting their turn! I suddenly remembered that we had left Jack alone in the bar so I quickly tidied myself up and we all returned to the table. I told Jack what i'd done and thought he would be really mad with me but he just said "happy birthday darling, hope you have saved some for later"! I still cant believe how sexy I felt knowing that Jack was going to let me have sex with 4 strangers - up until then this had all been a fantasy and I could hardly believe how fantastic it felt having all the attentioind. I actually got fucked by a few guys in a bar toilet!!!

Anyway been greedy and using my birthday as an excuse I persuaded Jack to invite the 4 boys back to our room for a nightcap. He readily agreed and we ended up in our room with me on my hands and knees being roased by Danny and Tom whilst the other 2 and Jack wanked over me and touched me all over. I had my first ever double penetration and in more ways than one! I always considered myself to have a tight fanny but Danny and Jack both stuck their cocks in my cunt at the same time whilst I sucked John off and wanked Peter! What an experience, I never had better sex than that and although I normally have difficulty reaching orgasm from penetration, I came at least 4 times that night whilst i was being fucked.

The night went on for a few more hours and I was well and truly fucked by the end of it.

The strange thing is I really regret not having done this earlier. I am 36 yrs old, Jack is 41 and we are happily married with a nice house, great kids and good jobs. Why should'nt we have adult fun? I cannot believe I was so straight previously and believe me we will do this again as I need (yes need!) to have more fresh young cock inside me! Thank you boys, I hope we might meet again but if not we shall be forever grateful that you were the ones to take my swinging virginity - wow more please sir!