Written by Andi - The Northwest Teacher

4 Jul 2004

I wrote a story early on in the week about me dogging with Graham and his wife and a good spunky time was had by all .

Well graham phoned me up on Friday night saying his wife was going to Bristol for a family emergency , and she wouldnt be home until late Sunday evening .

He invited me over to his house , well i thought he wants some cock fun so i put on my girlfriends whitle lacy panties and black stay up stockings under my track suit bottoms .

When i got over to Grahams i made my self comfortable he gave me a stiff drink but i wanted a stiff cock if you know what i mean .

I told him i enjoyed the fun we had the other day but i told him i was wearing some sexy undies he wanted a peek he stroked my stocking legs and my silk panties .

I asked him did he ever put on any of his wifes undies and he said he had once - so i ordered him into his bed room and after about 10 mins or so he came out with stockings , sussies and a tiny thong holding in his errect cock .

He walked over to me and i was on my knees in a flash i freed his cock and sucked it into my mouth and was sucking his shaft like a man posessed .

I carresed his balls as i was sucking him , by his little moans he was loving it .

Then i stood up and ordered him on his knees and i told him to suck me good - i told him if he was good i would make him my regular cock bitch this turned him on - he was sucking me good i was fucking his mouth with each thrusting stroke .

He asked me to fuck his arse im not into anal but he said would i use his wifes dildo on him .

It was black , thick and about 8 inches long , he passed me the vasaline , i smeared it on the plastic cock and on his arse hole .

Slowly i pushed it in his arse inch at a time , i didnt think it would all go in but once it was all in i started speeding up the dildo fucking - he was pushing back on the dildo and it was sliding in and out of his arse with ease .

He was wanking his cock as i was dildo fucking him - he twitched and shot all his spunk on the carpet .

I told him to hold the dildo in his arse as i went around to his face i was wanking fast - i told him to open his mouth and when i started cumming i pushe my cock in his mouth , he swallowed the lot and cleaned up my cock .

The dildo played a big part of the rest of the evening , it was fun and i left with a sore cock and empty balls .

It was a suprise to see how much Graham enjoyed wearing the sexy undies - hes got a mate who hes going to introduce me to .

I like the fun but a lady being there is just as good .

If there are any couples out there , who would like a bi man have some fun with them please e-mail me .

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