Written by robin

13 Jun 2006

sat the 3rd june i went to tog hill with my wife. i had wanted her to show her pussy to other men for ages.she is 35 and a size 8.we switched the light on a couple of times to let the men know we were up for it but i wasn't sure that my wife would go through with it.she was wearing white knickers and i pulled her little dress up to expose them. two or three men came over and i thought that she might back out. anyway she didn't. she let me rub my hands all over her flat belly and pants opening her legs as she did.more men came over and i pulled her pants to one side exposing her pussy to them. i wanked my cock as around 12 men watched my wife rub her pussy in front of them.after about ten minutes she came and we pulled away to go for a fuck down a nearby lane.three men followed and i got my wife to expose herself to them whilst sitting in the front seat. i fucked her from behing and although reluctent she let me lower the back window and proceeded to suck one of the men off. both the others took turns at being sucked and i came inside her as one of the men came over her face.