Written by greg

5 Sep 2005

i am a 40 yr old guy who considered himself 100% straight until recently, I had just got in from work when i got a call from my girlfriend saying she had to work late, i decided to go to the gym for a workout rather than sit around the house. After a good workout i headed off to the sauna to relax, there was one other guy in there, he was about the same age as me and i had seen him around the gym a few times, he was in good shape and i suppose quite good looking, we just chatted about this and that, however i noticed he had a sizeable bulge between his legs through his shorts, for some reason my eyes kept straying back to his crotch, I was begining to get hard and to save my embarrassment i got up and left and headed for the showers, as i wasnt in any hurry, i stayed in the showers for a while and when i came out I saw John standing there drying himself off, he was naked and my eyes immediately fell on his cock whick looked amazing, it looked around 6ins and really thick while soft and i wondered what size it would grow too when hard, I could feel myself getting hard just thinking about it and was getting flustered as John started talking to me, he asked me what I was doing tonight and i told him I was at a loose end as gf was working, he said his wife was at her mothers and did i fancy a quick drink before heading off, i quickly agreed as i had nothing better to do, so we both got dryed, dressed and headed to the bar for a drink, after a few drinks, John said why dont we go to mine as it was only round the corner as he had plenty of booze in and there was footy on tv, so we headed round to his place which was a very trendy flat with really nice furniture etc, by this time i was feeling relaxed and john brought the drinks out and turned the tv on, after a few minutes john said that he hoped i wasnt embarrassed but that he had noticed me looking at his cock and saw that i was getting hard at the same time in the gym, i tried to say i was sorry but he said dont be daft as he found other guys a turn on and that he was ocassionally bi, he then began stroking his cock through his jeans which immediately began to swell, i couldnt take my eyes off it and felt my own cock begin to grow,John then reached over and undid my belt and trousers then reached in and took my hard cock out, i was transfixed as he began to suck my now solid cock, i was in heaven, suddenly he stopped got up and led me into a huge bedroom where he stripped off to reveal a huge 9ins thick throbbing cock, he then srtipped me and pushed my head gently towards his cock, i was really excited and took the big head into my mouth he began to gently fuck my mouth with it and i took as much as i could into my mouth, i have never felt so horny as john began to run his toungue around my ass before inserting a finger inside me, i began to buck on his finger and he son put another one in, john tthen put some cold lube on my tight hole and i soon felt 3 fingers inside, he then got up and put a condom on his huge cock and i told him i didnt think i could take it, he told me not to worry and that he would stop if i wanted, i really wanted to get fucked so i agreed, he put me on my back and took both my ankles and put them in the air, then i felt his cock pressing gently at my hole, the pressure gradually built up, and eventually got a little painful before john told me that the head was fully inside of me, i felt i was going to shit however john began to slowly rock back and forwardeasing his huge cock into my ass, it was amazing as he gently fucked me, i eventually felt i was going to cum as he began stroking my ass with his hard cock in and out, i sprayed the most come i have ever had all over the place before john increased his strokes and began pounding my ass with his cock, i felt him tense as he came, he puled out of me and tore the condom off before soaking me with his come, after that i quickly got dressed, as i was embarrassed and left but not before arranging to see him again at the gym, that was a week ago and my ass is still sore.