Written by Me, Kim & Jane

4 Jul 2004

1st Saturday in july, always the start of training if we'd performed rubish the season before. Got to training late, had right going over from the coach, got knocked all over the pitch then to top it all off the showers were fucked (what a day). Anyway on the way home i got a call from my wife's sister (the hairdresser) to say she was waiting for me outside the house and as Jane was away with her mother she couldn't get in.

Having got home and seeing this fine lady waiting for me was a dream cum true (always dreamed about her). well having snapped out of my thoughts i let Kim in, told her i'd have to have a shower as i was dirty from training. so i went up stairs to the bedroom pulled my cloths off and went to the shower room as i was walking across the landing Kim was at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me seeing if i wanted an hot drink, i turned to her shocked as i was naked and my cock was semi hard from the thoughts i'd had about her.

anyway i'd had my shower and returned down stairs and nothing was said so i asked Kim if she'd trim my hair for me. i sat on a kitchen chair while Kim got all her equipment out looking at her curves wondering what she'd taste like. as she was cutting my hair she kept (on purpose or not) rubbing her stomach across me, this giving me one hell of a rise. She must have noticed my cock vering up from my shorts as she asked what i was thinking about, what could i say, i just said mmm nothing! you call me nothing she replied, at this i went that red i thought my head would explode. She just sat on my lap and continued cutting my hair as she rubbed herself on my know bursting cock. Finished she said, how are you going to to pay me she asked. i just pulled my shorts down to reveal my aching cock, will this do i said, perfect she replied and droped to her knees taking my length in her mouth. fuck i couldn't beleive it i shot my load straight away down her throat, so i started to unravel her body, fuck what a sight. i laid her acroos the dinning table and buried my head in her neatly shaved pussy, (as i write this i can still taste her) she took hold of my new hair do and pulled me as far into her pussy as my tongue would go. my cock was now fully erect and wanted to taste this sexy womens pussy for its self. when i got her to her next orgasm i stood up and slid my cock straight into her well oiled pussy, this sent her straight into another orgasm. we continued to fuck all day, she as just left me (know Sunday) and promised to return tonight for some more payment.

we spoke about her cumin to a club where my wife and i are members to join in the fun, if you would like to join us get in touch.