Written by Jimmy

16 Aug 2006

I knew it would happen as I know my wife very well. Her new boyfriend didn't call her for a week then wanted some pussy right now. She came home livid. With fire in her voice states who the fuck does he think he is? And who does he think I am some two bit whore? When she's like that I stay clear as she can be quite violent. Trust me on that It's the Italian Irish blood in her..

After calming down some, she says I'll teach him a lesson. She really digged him I guess. Another guy she was writing to Geno. She told me he's short on brains but has a fair sized cock she wants to try. Not only that, he's married to a hot tempered Italian bitch. She's not to fond of Italian woman as my 3 sisters always gave her a hard time while we courted and this seemed to me to be a pay back . Little did her new boyfriend know he was never going to fuck her again after that seashore thing. I personally did't like the punk.

My wife now started to look & dress slutty. She did her hair red and was mostly dressed in nylons heels garter belts high lifting bras & short dresses or skirts. She loved outlining her eyes and wearing long fuck me hard earrings. She wanted everyone to know she was a special fuck.

One night she told me she'd be home late not to be concerned as Geno was taking her to dinner. When she got back that night she told me that Geno had fucked her senceless and you could tell she was in a fuckfest with him.

She said that was the biggest cock she ever had and long lasting. He gave her flowers & a gold necklace. She loves when men give her gifts. He made brownie points when he told her she was a much better fuck than his wife. Again she tells me I can get her in a few days as she's sore. She tells me she fucked him as hard as he did her so again she said I guess his bitch won't get any. She prides herself on giving men real hard fucks. A sence of superiority. God that whore loves cock.I had a little fantasy about Geno's wife finding out she's fucking her husband and get's into a cat fight.. Then my wife fucking her husband again for revenge & getting his young son also. Only a fantasy though.