Written by N & A

6 Sep 2005

Well we have been playing on here for a while and met a cpl of nice 'friends'. A is beautiful, a size 10, slim, tonned and tanned. she is 37 years old but no one believes it. In fact whenever we have posted or sent pics or even met people no one can believe how young and beautiful she looks.

As I have said, we have met a few guys off here and one of the things A has advertised for is a surprise for me, that being a video of her playing with another man. We have discussed it and it is to be a stranger to me, or a stranger to both of us. She was not going to tell me when it was happening until it happened, and then ring me as it was starting, no matter where I was I was to listen and then she would present me with the video upon my return.

Whenever we have discussed this I have had one of the hardest hard ons I've ever had. She has once already fucked a friend with me listening but he wasn't aware. I had to go off to the toilets in work and sit there with a painful hard on, not daring to touch it because I was almost cumming without laying a finger on myself.

Anyway, the surprise. I was in work, another boring afternoon when my phone rang. I obviously recognised the number and answered it as A was calling. I said hello but could only her a couple of voices in the background and some giggling. Initially I thought she had rung me accidentially, but it slowly dawned on me what was going on. I heard her giggling and a male voice I didn't recognise. I heard him saying how horny she looked and the outfit she was wearing was the horniest thing he had ever seen. She thanked him and then it went silent for a few seconds. I could the hear her moaning gently and say, 'SUCK THEM HARDER'. I knew he must of been sucking her pert wonderful tits as she loves that so much and gets so wet. She was continuing to moan louder as I started to hear the distinct sound of her squelching wet pussy being fingered. As I heard the sound getting louder her moans got louder as the fingers obviously were going faster. I was now struggling to contain myself in my pants and shot off to the toilets. As i listened and locked myself in a cubicle I heard her voice getting louder and louder as she was obviously reaching orgasm. she screamed as she did and called him a dirty bastard and he now was calling her a filthy bitch. As is subsided I could hear her breath slowing and her moaning gratually decreasing. The she said.

'Your turn now.'

I then heard a different male voice say,

'I'm gonna lick you and suck you until you squeal.'

The dirty bitch!!! She had two men there, the first must of been looking on as his friend carried on. I almost came there and then. I then listened to her being licked as her moans got louder and louder. The other voice then told her to 'Suck this.' as I the heard her muffled moans as she was obviously sucking cock at the same time. I know they say the mind is the biggest sexual organ, well my was now exploding and I couldn't touch my cock as it was suffering with pre-cum as it was!!!

The next thing is the sound of her obviously being entered and her moan was loud and she was shouting, 'yes, yes, deeper, harder.'

She was now being fucked and my mind was working overtime as to who they were, what they looked like and the scene itself. I spent the next 20 minutes listening to them ordering her into positions, her squealing with pleasure and the sounds of good hard fucking. I actually did cum without touching my cock, but it wouldn't go down. The hard on stayed much to my delight.....

Then I heard one of them say,

'Do you still like it up the arse?'

More thoughts through my head, 'Do you STILL like it?' He obviously has fucked her before. 'Yes' she replied and he told her they we both going to fuck her at the same time.


For the next 10 minutes I heard her screaming obsenities and filth that I never imagined could come from her mouth as she was fucked by them both. They were calling her names and she was replying.

This lasted about 40 minutes until eventually I heard them all cum almost together . The line then went dead.

I sat there with the biggest smile on my face, the hardest cock in my pants and the dirtiest thoughts in my head. I was hoping for 5 o'clock o come so I could get home and carry it on. It was only 3.30 and I had to suffer and unbearable hour and a half with what appeared to be a perminant hard on. I eventually got home to find her sat there, still in heroutfit. Its a sheer meshbody stocking with leather trim, stockings and knee length leather boots. She said,


'Fucking well? ' I replied, 'look at this'

I pulled out my cock which was still painfully hard and she burst out laughing.

'Has it been like that for long?' She asked.

I didn't even answer. I grabbed her and threw her straight onto the pouffe and lasting at least 10 seconds after I roughly penetrated her. She laughed again and said,

'Mmmm take it you enjoyed that. Look in the camera there's a pressie for you.'

On top of the television was the camcorder which I quickly set up and started to play on the tv. The whole thing was capture. They even introduced themselves and took turns filming each other fucking A in every hole. My biggest shock was that one of them was someone I knew and the other was one of her previous lovers. This turned me on even more. Its two weeks later now and I am still having problems controlling my hard ons. Everytime I think of that day and that video he pops up. This was the most erotic, sentational and best sexual fantasy fulfilled